Announcing the Global GraphHack Winners!

After a week of community votes and several late-night discussions by our panel of judges, we’re happy to announce the winners of the NODES 2019 Global GraphHack, our first ever worldwide virtual hackathon!

Global GraphHack 2019 winners announced.

Global GraphHack 2019: Recap of Theme and Prizes

Over the last four weeks, 17 teams (between 1-4 people) were hard at work coming up with new and innovative applications that had Neo4j at the core.

The theme was “Extending the Graph Ecosystem,” and hackers were tasked with building something that benefits the rest of Neo4j community. It could be a graph app, an extension, integration or something completely new. The one requirement is that it should be something others would find useful.

The three winning teams receive airfare, hotel and tickets to GraphConnect 2020 (including training sessions). They will have the opportunity to present their projects at the GraphConnect DevZone, receive an exclusive invite to the private Neo4j-ecosystem summit, and a meet and greet with some of the Neo4j executive team.

The GraphHack Submissions Are Amazing!

We had applications ranging from giving users the ability to create graphs directly from flat files (even for non-technical users!), solutions to the supernode problem with node local relationship indexes, VSCode extension for syntax highlighting to applications built to help optimize your graphs performance. We even had a submission created to help solve linear algebraic equations!

Submissions came from seasoned Neo4j engineers who built scraping procedures all the way to “neo4newbies” who developed a learning platform based around teaching people with auditory processing disorders using

The projects were truly remarkable. Every hacker who participated deserves a round of applause. Read our summary blog post on many of the projects submitted or go to the submissions gallery below.

Go to the GraphHack Submission Gallery

But without further ado, we’d like to present to you: The winners of Global GraphHack 2019!!!!!

Meetup Mixer

A community-expanding, knowledge-building app.
By: Sarah Staab, Erin Schuberth, Nathan Smith, Steve Petrie


A Neo4j Desktop application to visualize nodes with geographic attributes on a map.
By: Estelle Scifo

Neo4j Jmeter Load Testing

When working with Neo4, sometimes you need to create custom procedures to handle advanced use cases. This project aims at making it easier to do load testing on them with JMeter.
By: Nicolas Mervaillie and Luanne Misquitta

Congrats to the winning teams and to all the remarkable projects!!!!

Already, we can’t wait for next year!!

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