Announcing Graphs4Good GraphHack

Learn about Graphs4Good GraphHack.

With the escalating spread of COVID-19, our global economy and healthcare infrastructure systems have been impacted in an unimaginable way now and into the unforeseeable future.

Update: We have now a dedicated page with more detailed information for research, government and private projects that work on COVID-19 response topics and are in need of our support.

For many, especially those on the front lines, it’s an uncontrollable chaos. For others, the world has come to a complete standstill. We have never needed the support of one another as much as we need it now.

As Neo4j’s Community Manager, I work with developers, data scientists, researchers and other practitioners on a daily basis and I’m fortunate to have such a strong, passionate and kind community to care for. You all make my job so pleasant and enjoyable.

Our community is made up of do-ers and people who really care.

In the last couple weeks alone, individuals from all over the Neo4j organization have shared emails and communications from people from around the world in our community that want to do something good. Something that really makes a difference.

So – we formalized it. <3

Announcing: Graphs4Good GraphHack

Unlike most hackathons, this is not competition. There are no “winners.” Although competitions can be fun, that’s not what truly motivates our community anyway.

How do I know? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We announced this less than a week ago and already have 150 people in our community who registered because they want to help. The motivation is there to work together and do something good.

This hackathon is about unity, collaboration and positive contribution. How can we work together to really help the world?

Here’s the overview from the Graphs4Good Project Kick-Off Session from Friday, March 27th

During the kick-off, we invite those who were interested in leading projects to present on their ideas, plans, data sets and more. We’ve created the overview document so contributors from the community can learn about the projects, ask questions, etc., and find projects they’re interested in participating in.

Hacking starts from now until April 14th.

On April 15th, during Global Graph Celebration Day (celebrating the birth of inventor of Graph Theory, Leonhard Euler), we’ll invite project leads and contributors to present in the Graphs4Good Project Showcase.

Let’s do what we can and make an impact, together.

Have an Idea for a Project?

To get your project started:

If you’re open to collaborators, you should also:

    • Enable issues, discussions, wiki
    • Add existing dataset/code (if you already have something)
    • Optional: create tickets (issues) with “help-wanted” label

Want to Find a Project to Contribute To?

    • Register yourself as a Graphs4Good hacker
    • Browse “graphs4good” topic on GitHub to find a repo/project you’re interested in
    • Contact project owner via GitHub discussions for selected project (or ping owner via GitHub issue)
Stay calm – STAY HOME – and graph on! We can’t wait to see what you create.

Ready to join your community and make an impact with graphs?

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