Announcing the 2020 Neo4j Graphie Award Winners

Check out the winners of this year's Neo4j Graphies.

Boy oh boy, are we ready to focus on some of the great things that happened in 2020? Well, the Neo4j Graphies are here just in time!

Even though we aren’t able to give these awards in person this year, we are just as enthusiastic about shining light on some innovative individuals and organizations implementing a Neo4j graph database.

And lo, it was no easy feat to select winners – the graph community at large is doing truly amazing things and we salute all of you.

With that said, congrats to this year’s winners!!

Wait, What Is a Graphie Now?

The Neo4j Graphies recognize excellence in graph technology across a wide range of use cases and industries.

Our aim is to showcase and celebrate cutting-edge or impactful graph-based projects owned by our startup program members, customers, partners, developers and ambassadors – especially those who seek to make positive change in the world with graphs.

We accept nominations throughout the year and projects are evaluated by the Neo4j Graphie Awards committee. Winners are announced in early December, but once we’re back to in-person events this is subject to change.

(See below to nominate your project.)

Meet the Winners of the 2020 Neo4j Graphie Awards

Neo4j Customers

Members of the Graph Ecosystem

The Graph Community

What Some of Our Winners Had to Say

“Graph algorithms allowed us to really scale what we were after. When we started out by just looking at the patterns of data we were interested in, it worked but it wasn’t efficient in that we had to do the same computation millions of times which wasn’t scalable to the billions of cookies that we had. The power of the algorithms is that we were able to apply this computation of weakly connected components across the entire data set which allowed us to avoid having to repeat the same small cypher computations millions of times and just do it globally at once using the in-memory Neo4j algorithms.” – Meredith Corporation

“Some things we’re now able to do with the project which we weren’t able to do before is ask much more complex and interesting questions or the data that ultimately build better content – ie. understanding ideas of around the world travel.” – Tourism Media

“What used to take weeks and weeks and a group of highly-experienced engineers now only takes minutes and some clicks, and with the time saving we can even start thinking about the optimizational plans and conduct business plan gaming. This was not possible before because if one parameter changed for a project plan, the whole thing needed to be recalculated manually again because you could never know how this parameter has an effect on the process.” – Elena Kohlwey

Reasons to Participate

The Graphies are a great way to get your project known. There’s value in sharing the impact your graph application has had on your organization or community. The Graphies also give you a chance to showcase your talent and position yourself as a thought leader in your field.

Last but certainly not least, the Neo4j Graphies help you gain recognition for the amazing work you’re doing through Neo4j and the graph community.

So, watcha waiting for?!?

Want to throw your hat in the ring for a 2021 Neo4j Graphie? Complete our nomination form or speak to your customer success manager to submit your entry.

Be prepared to share a brief overview of your Neo4j-powered project, what problem you’re solving, why you chose Neo4j and what your results are!

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