Our community of graphistas hit it out of the park once again by writing articles, creating graphgists and spreading the word about the power of graph databases. We’ve picked a few of our favorite community posts from the month of July to highlight. If you have blog posts, articles, presentations or anything you would like us to know about, send us the link on twitter and be sure to include our handle @Neo4j.

Articles and Blog Posts

GraphGists and GitHub

Videos and Presentations


    • Congratulations to Tramchester, a ThoughtWorks public transportation project in Manchester, for winning Best Application of Technology at Big Chip 2014 by using Neo4j to power the project.
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Greta Workman , Neo4j

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Greta Workman has been a part of the Neo4j team for over four years. She’s enjoyed watching the graph community grow through events like GraphConnect which has more than doubled during her time at Neo4j. She currently oversees field marketing for the eastern half of the U.S. In her spare time, she enjoys solving the daily New York Times crossword puzzle and watching University of Kentucky basketball.

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