Certified Neo4j Professional T-Shirts Are Back!

We are really excited to announce that starting today we will reward anybody who passed the Neo4j Certified Professional Exam and has not already received a T-shirt, with one of our new T-shirts.

The shirt comes in a variety of colors, and women’s and unisex cuts!

You need to log in and order with the same account you used for the certification, otherwise the app won’t find your matching certificate record.

If you previously took the certification exam, you can also retake it to receive a free T-shirt.

The current Neo4j Certified Professional Exam tests you on Cypher, basic graph data modeling, importing data, and using the multi-database features of Neo4j. The courses we recommend for preparing for the exam are:

You can take the exam multiple times, but only once per 24-hour period.

Good luck and we hope you can earn your T-shirt!

Please share your t-shirt-selfies on Twitter with #neo4j #certified and tell us where you’re from!