Connecting our Community with NODES 2019 Viewing Parties!

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Neo4j is a global company with a global community. One of the biggest benefits of this, is that we have a community that’s diverse in cultures, native languages, and beliefs, whom all share a common love for graphs and connected data.

While it’s amazing to have people from all around the world, it can make it challenging for us to connect in person with our fellow Neo4j graphistas.

That said, we are very fortunate to have passionate community members who are trailblazers in the space. They lead many of our community initiatives. Our community programs would be of no value, if it wasn’t for community participation.

Earlier this year, when we celebrated Global Graph Celebration Day, we had community members in over 60 cities around the world host local events to celebrate thought leadership in graph-thinking.

Because of this massive success, we decided to give our community another reason to get together!

As we’re hosting Neo4j Online Developer Expo & Summit (NODES 2019) – our first-ever online developer conference with over 52 speakers scheduled, contests and interactive chats – we’ve invited our global community to host their own viewing parties!

These viewing parties would invite local Neo4j and graph enthusiasts to watch the NODES 2019 keynote with other like-minded friends. We already have 18 scheduled events.

Below are the current scheduled events. If you’re interested in attending any of the events, head over to NODES 2019 website to access the RSVP links.

Check out the viewing parties for NODES 2019.

Looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks! 😀

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