Google Summer of Code Projects with Neo4j

Great news for all students wanting to spend the summer hacking on Neo4j and getting paid for it! The hackers behind Neo4j have teamed up with a few mentoring organizations on some interesting Summer of Code projects!

So far there are two proposed projects involving Neo4j, but more projects could be added in the next couple of days. You can also come up with a cool project on your own and propose it to one of the mentoring organizations.

The first project we have proposed is a collaboration with the uDIG project. This project is part of our greater effort of making Neo4j capable of being a fully featured spatial database. The sweet spots are complex spatial algorithms such as routing, spatial analytics and N-dimensional indexing. This summer of code project will aim at implementing the OpenGIS and GeoTools standard interfaces. This will make Neo4j a drop-in alternative to other GIS backends, such as PostGIS, MySQL Spatial and Oracle Spatial.

The second project we have proposed is a collaboration with the Gephi project. What we aim for here is to make Gephi able to visualize graphs straight out of a Neo4j graph (not just exporting data from Neo4j and importing it in Gephi). This will enable Gephi to work with larger graphs than today, which is a direct benefit for Gephi. It will also enable Gephi to be used as a visualization tool for Neo4j based applications, for introspection, data debugging and graphical reporting.

This will be a truly great summer for Neo4j and the lucky students who get selected for these projects. There’s a lot of interest in both GIS and visualization in the Neo4j community, so we look forward to great discussions around these projects! Mark March 29 in your calendar and submit your proposal early!

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