Graph Processing v. Graph Databases – Jim Webber

Graph Processing v. Graph Databases – Jim Webber

Our Chief Scientist and speaker extraordinaire Jim Webber just posted a blog post on graph processing.

He addresses big data, and Hadoop and Pregel’s tendency toward data analytics, OLAP. Neo4j, on the other hand, “optimizes storage and querying of connected data for online transaction processing, OLTP, scenarios.”

He then begins to identify the advantages to using each tool, and concludes:

“If you need OLTP and deep insight (OLAP-style) in near real-time at enterprise scale then Neo4j is a sensible choice. For niche problems where you can afford high latency in exchange for higher throughput, then the graph processing platforms like Pregel or Hadoop could be beneficial. But it’s important to understand that they are not the same.”

Check out the full post here, and let us know what you all think!

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