Graph Visualization for Everyone: Linkurious Enterprise V1

Graph Visualization with Linkurious Enterprise V1Editor’s Note: Linkurious is a Bronze sponsor of GraphConnect San Francisco. Register for GraphConnect to meet Jean and other sponsors in person.

Since we started Linkurious in 2013, we have worked with dozens of Neo4j users around world to help them find answers in graph data.

Be it anti-money laundering, knowledge management or impact analysis, we have seen organizations struggle with a few common problems:

    • Finding answers in graph data require specific interfaces
    • Off-the-shelf data visualization and business intelligence solutions are not graph-friendly
    • Building and maintaining a custom solution is slow and costly
That’s why we set out to build a graph visualization platform to help people extract insights from graph data in a safe and collaborative way. Today I’m proud to announce that we will launch Linkurious Enterprise V1 at GraphConnect San Francisco.

This release comes with improved ways to share and work with graph data. It is also ready to go in production in real-world enterprise architectures.

Publish Graph Visualizations à la Google Maps

When it comes to communicating results visually, users of Linkurious Enterprise could already export their graph visualization to a variety of formats (CSV, Excel, PNG, SVG).

Now, they can publish interactive visualizations online. Published graph visualizations can be accessed with a URL or can be embedded in a web page à la Google Maps. They contain a snapshot of graph data at the time the visualization is published.

Tesla Motors on Linkurious.

The visualization author can update or un-publish it anytime. Anyone can explore these published visualizations interactively, enabling easier collaboration around graph data.

Easier Integration

Linkurious is now easier to integrate with third-party applications.

We are introducing the possibility to create a new visualization through a simple URL. Upon clicking on this URL, users will directly access a new visualization populated with a node, an edge or a subgraph.

Examples of URLs:
    • Open a visualization with the node of id “42”:
    • Open a visualization with the edge of id “42”:
    • Open a visualization with the result of a search query that matches “foo*”:
Linkurious can now help you get more out of your existing applications. Simply generate custom URLs to open the graph visualization of Linkurious from any application.

Production-Ready Graph Visualization

With customers working on highly sensitive data, supporting challenging security constraints is a priority for us. Linkurious can already handle user authentication, access level management and work in an air-gapped environment.

With Linkurious Enterprise V1 we are now helping our customers seamlessly update to the latest version without losing their security setting and visualizations.

We are also introducing the ability to enable the generation of an audit trail, including all read and write operations made by Linkurious users.

The goal is to log which operation was done by whom and when. See the example below for more details:

{"mode":"READ","date":"2015-10-11T11:05:21.888Z","user":"","sourceKey":"2c08a4d9","action":"getEdge","params":{"edgeId":23}} {"mode":"READ","date":"2015-10-11T11:05:21.889Z","user":"","sourceKey":"2c08a4d9","action":"getNode","params":{"id":157}} {"mode":"READ","date":"2015-10-11T11:05:21.910Z","user":"","sourceKey":"2c08a4d9","action":"getNode","params":{"id":832}}

We will be a GraphConnect San Francisco next week to unveil this new version of Linkurious Enterprise and share some exciting announcements for the upcoming year.

Come say hello or drop us an email if you want to meet!

Register below to meet and network with Jean Villedieu of Linkurious – and many other graph database leaders – at GraphConnect San Francisco on October 21st.