GraphConnect 2022: Don’t Miss the DevZone!

Being at a conference is intense. It’s a lot to take in. After more than two years of pandemic isolation, we are all a bit out of social practice. Don’t worry about it – you’re among friends! The DevZone is where you can let go. It’s in the exhibit hall and was designed for fun, relaxation, and technical chitchats.

First, it’s the only place where you will find comfortable sofas. You can lounge there as long as you want without being bothered. Don’t just pick up your phone though. Say hello, introduce yourself, lurk, barge into conversations, and make new friends (and reconnect with your phone or laptop as needed)!

This spot offers unique entertainment. There is a t-shirt printing station, where you can choose the design of your new t-shirt. At the Jenka game, you get the chance to play with other graphistas. A sketch artist is onsite to create your portrait that you can then use as a profile picture or avatar. All of these activities are part of a scavenger hunt, and guess what? You have a chance at winning one of two drones through our raffle.

The DevZone is also set up for technical deep dives with demo stations and technical experts roaming around. Come to the area with questions to challenge your peers and our staffers. Even if you discuss unsolvable issues, we don’t mind the challenge, and new ideas always emerge from those discussions.

Finally, we’d like to capture your thoughts and share them with our whole community. We invite you to the video booth to tell your story or participate in our fireside chat videos. They are posted during the conference and will live on forever online.

See you there!

It’s not too late! Connect with leading graph experts in person at the largest graph developer conference GraphConnect 2022 in Austin, Texas on June 6-8.

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