GraphConnect 2020 Agenda: Everything You Need to Know

The health and safety of our community, partners and employees are of the utmost importance to Neo4j. After monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely, we have decided to postpone GraphConnect 2020 in New York City to 2021. We are actively scoping locations for GraphConnect 2021. Learn everything you need to know here.

GraphConnect 2020 features two full days of a bottom-to-top plentiful and packed agenda featuring keynotes, presentations and lightning talks you can attend.

Find out more about the highlights of the GraphConnect 2020 two-day speaker agenda.

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Kicking off GraphConnect 2020, day one, is a keynote given by Neo4j‘s own CEO, Emil Eifrem, who will be talking about the state of the graph union, and – more importantly – where he sees the graph world going in the future (hint: lots of places).

And! Albert-László Barabási, the “Godfather of Network Science,” will be at our keynote speaker on the second day! Barabási – author of Bursts, Linked, Network Science, and most recently, The Formula – is a world-renowned network specialist, who enlightens audiences from academia to corporations at venues from the World Economic Forum to Ted Talks. In a word: awesome.

Key Topics

Neo4j Tech Talk: This track of GraphConnect 2020 talks focuses on recently released products and solutions in the Neo4j suite of offerings. Several talks break down Neo4j 4.0, including scaling, security and leveraging a multi-database. You’ll also learn about our Innovation Labs, graph visualization tools, our new database-as-a-service, AuraDB, and our continued journey towards a standard property graph query language.

Be sure to catch the following presentations:
    • Neo4j 4.0 Track: Spend a day getting an overview and then diving deep into scaling, security and multi-database.
    • Neo4j Innovation Labs: Learn how we help businesses identify graph database use cases in their company.
    • Neo4j AuraDB: Discover the benefits of our Database-as-a-Service offering, which helps accelerate development.
Graph Data Science: A key theme as this year’s GraphConnect is the category of graph data science – from concept to practical applications and use cases. Within this topic area, we’ll have a lot of big announcements!

Highlights of this key topic area include:
    • The Graph Data Science Journey: From Analytics to AI with Amy Hodler
    • New: Neo4j’s Graph Data Science Library with Alicia Frame
    • Worst (and Best) Practices for Implementing Graph Data Science with Sören Reichardt and Martin Junghanns
Technical Case Studies: Learn about how Neo4j is being used out in the real world, whether it’s helping to solve some of the largest challenges of our modern age to radically improving business with benefits like improving uptime, customer experiences and more.

Must-see presentations on use cases include:
    • Leveraging Knowledge Graphs for Environmental Challenges, with Mike Morley
    • Big Pharma Problems, Big Graphs: Creating the Merck Manufacturing Mesh, with Marcus Adams
    • 99.9999% (seriously, that many 9’s) Uptime at Adobe: How We Got There with Neo4j, with Manuel Toledo and Gabe Tucker
Practitioner How-To: Still quite new to Neo4j? The Practitioner How-To track is worth any burgeoning Neo4j developer consideration. Featuring quite a few introductions, practical tips and a few level ups to enhance your graph database fundamental skills and know how.

Talks you won’t want to miss include:
    • The Practical GRANDStack, with Erik Rahm
    • Intro to Algos, with Mark Needham
    • Neo4j in the Cloud, with David Allen
Practitioner Deep Dive: Much like the practitioner track above, this one is for more well-seasoned Neo4j users who want to step up their game and get to know the finer details via insider insights.

Talks you won’t want to miss include:
    • GRANDStack Is Not Your Gran’s Stack: The Evolution of Modern Web Development, with Will Lyon
    • Bruce Wayne to Batman: Migrating a Non-Reactive Spring App to Reactive, with Jennifer Reif
    • Tune Up Your Cypher: Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Query Performance

In between talks, be sure to visit the DevZone and Graph Clinic to rub elbows with Neo4j graph database experts.

Throughout the Day: GraphClinics, DevZone and Fikas

All day, whenever you’re between presentations or lightning talks, the GraphClinics are open for free consulting and troubleshooting of your Neo4j deployment. The GraphClinics are staffed by Neo4j engineers and consultants, so you’ll receive invaluable tips and insights from experts of the leading graph database technology.

The Neo4j Developer Relations team is also hosting a DevZone, where members of the team will be on hand to talk with you about using Neo4j Bloom, graph algorithms and AI, ETL tools, graph-based solutions and more!

And be sure to visit the foyer for a quick fika, where you’ll have an opportunity to meet Neo4j executives and engineers.

Celebrate an enlightening, busy day by grabbing some snacks and a drink at the disConnect party.

The disConnect Party: (allNodes)-[:PARTY_WITH]->(allOtherNodes)

After a full two days of graph tech talks, the time will be nigh to disconnect from all the heady topics, grab a drink and a snack, and start building relationships with your fellow engineers and business execs.

This is your chance to mingle with graph enthusiasts and chat about all the plans you have to bring about powerful change with graph database technology.

With such a jam-packed agenda and all-star, prestigious speaker lineup, you simply can’t afford to miss GraphConnect 2020. Click below to get your ticket!

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