GraphConnect 2018 Agenda: Everything You Need to Know

You already know there are many exciting reasons you should attend GraphConnect 2018 – and, of course, we’ve got you properly jazzed on this year’s roster of must-see presenters (including our two most recently announced keynote presenters).

But the best reason of all to buy the ticket and take the ride? A bottom-to-top plentiful and packed agenda of all the keynotes, presentations and lightning talks you can attend at the graph technology event of the year.

Check out the highlights and final agenda for talks and more at GraphConnect 2018.

See the full agenda right here on or check out the highlights below:


Kicking off the day will be two keynotes, the first given by Neo4j‘s own CEO, Emil Eifrem, who will be talking about the state of the graph union, and – more importantly – where he sees the graph world going in the future (hint: lots of places).

As always, Emil reserves the biggest announcements of the year for his GraphConnect keynote, so you won’t want to miss this big start to an action-packed day.

Shortly after Emil blows your freakin’ mind, Hilary Mason – the GM of Machine Learning at Cloudera – will blow your freakin’ mind again with her keynote “The Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.”

As the founder of Fast Forward Labs (acquired by Cloudera) and former Chief Data Scientist at Bitly, Hilary knows what the hell she’s talking about when it comes to machine learning and AI (no buzzword commandeering here).

Closing us out for the day will be Stephen O’Grady, Principal Analyst and Co-founder of RedMonk, a developer-focused industry analyst firm.

Stephen’s areas of expertise center on open source, cloud computing, databases (relational and NoSQL), application development and big data. As a go-to thought leader in the technology space, he’s been quoted in such respected publications as Businessweek, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Key Topics

AI & Machine Learning: AI and machine learning are on everyone’s minds, but – as we’re starting to see – graph technology is emerging as a key to the context necessary for computer systems to “learn.” At this year’s GraphConnect, there will be no lack of talks, case studies and general discussions about the power of graph technology in supporting AI and machine learning.

Be sure to catch the following presentations: Data Discovery & Graph Visualization: Data discovery is critical to business analysis when it comes to big data. But data discovery is only as effective as the tools used to expose patterns and outliers hidden in the data. At this year’s GraphConnect, you’ll have plenty of chances to hear discovery and data visualization experts speak on how graph technology is their tool of choice.

Highlights of this key topic area include: Biotech & Healthcare: No doubt, biotechnology and healthcare organizations accumulate large, complex volumes of data often stretching across an entire enterprise. From life-saving research to improving the healthcare system as a whole, this year’s GraphConnect features speakers who are using graph technology to drive necessary change.

Must-see presentations on these industries include: Knowledge Graphs: A knowledge graph is conceptually on point in terms of search, but to be truly effective it requires a highly contextual search solution. Neo4j augments the knowledge graph-based search to deliver only relevant results. At this year’s GraphConnect, you will see firsthand how businesses are using graph technology to improve search capabilities of product, services, content and knowledge catalogs.

Talks you won’t want to miss include: Digital Transformation: You know your business would benefit from leveraging existing and emerging technologies, but making this transformation comes with some reasonable trepidation. Will it be a huge pain? Will it be prohibitively expensive? Graph technology is leading the way for digital transformation to be strategic, flexible and quickly deployed.

Talks you won’t want to miss include:
In between talks, be sure to visit the DevZone and Graph Clinic to rub elbows with Neo4j graph database experts.

Throughout the Day: GraphClinics, DevZone and Fikas

All day, whenever you’re between presentations or lightning talks, the GraphClinics are open for free consulting and troubleshooting of your Neo4j deployment. The GraphClinics are staffed by Neo4j engineers and consultants, so you’ll receive invaluable tips and insights from experts of the leading graph database technology.

The Neo4j Developer Relations team is also hosting a DevZone, where members of the team will be on hand to talk with you about using Neo4j Bloom, graph algorithms and AI, ETL tools, graph-based solutions and more!

And be sure to visit the 5th floor foyer for a quick fika, where you’ll have an opportunity to meet Neo4j executives and engineers.

Celebrate an enlightening, busy day by grabbing some snacks and a drink at the disConnect party.

The disConnect Party: (allNodes)-[:PARTY_WITH]->(allOtherNodes)

After a full day of graph tech talks, the time will be nigh to disconnect from all the heady topics, grab a drink and a snack, and start building relationships with your fellow engineers and business execs.

The post-conference disConnect party is located in the Sponsor exhibition hall in the 5th floor lobby of the Marriott Marquis. This is your chance to mingle with graph enthusiasts and chat about all the plans you have to bring about powerful change with graph database technology.

With such a jam-packed agenda and all-star, prestigious speaker lineup, you simply can’t afford to miss GraphConnect 2018. Click below to get your ticket, and we’ll see you on September 20th!

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