There are a lot of great reasons to attendGraphConnect New York, but one of the best reasons is that every year we feature an entirely new lineup of the world’s best graph database technology experts.

This year’s GraphConnect is no exception! While we have countless speakers in our five different learning tracks, there are certainly a few that are top of mind when it comes to “must-see” status.

Here are the nine must-see presenters at GraphConnect New York (in no particular order):

Sacha Faust, Microsoft

Sacha Faust GraphConnect SpeakerSacha Faust is a Principal Technical Lead under the Cloud + Enterprise (C+E) Red Team.

When he is not breaking things, he focuses on teaching machines how to do end-to-end breaches and evangelize the Assume Breach mindset. He is a self-taught information security enthusiast that started his professional career in 1998 and joined Microsoft in 2007 and has worked on BPOS, Office365, MSODS, Azure and C+E.

At this year’s GraphConnect, Sacha will be presenting on Attack and Defense with Graphs at Microsoft.

Ajinkya Kale & Anuj Vatsa, eBay

Ajinkya Kale GraphConnect New York 2017 Speaker Anuj Vatsa GraphConnect New York 2017 Speaker Ajinkya Kale, Senior Applied Researcher, AI at eBay, inc., is the founding member of the artificial intelligence (AI) team for eBay’s New Product Development initiative focusing on next-generation personal shopping assistants. He leads the research efforts across Knowledge Graphs and Query Understanding and is passionate about conversational commerce.

Anuj Vatsa works in the New Product Development initiative and leads the effort to build the question-answering service with a powerful ecommerce and world knowledge graph that helps the eBay Shopbot.

At GraphConnect, they’ll be presenting on Graph-Powered Conversational Commerce at eBay.

Laura Drummer, Novetta

Laura Drummer GraphConnect New York 2017 SpeakerLaura Drummer is the Director of Software & Engineering at Novetta’s Cyber Operations Division.

She has over 14 years of experience in intelligence analysis, data analytics and software development. She holds a MS in Information Systems and a BA in Mandarin Chinese. Laura lives in Maryland with her husband and two adorable dogs, and is expecting her first baby in November of this year.

She’ll be presenting on Natural Language Processing and Topic Modeling for Social Network Analysis at this year’s GraphConnect.

Mark Hashimoto & Jessica Lowing, Comcast

Mark Hashimoto GraphConnect New York 2017 Speaker Jessica Lowing GraphConnect New York 2017 Speaker Mark Hashimoto is the Director of Engineering of the Internet of Things at Comcast, where he leads a team of software engineers and specializes in home technologies, home automation, consumer-facing web properties, monetizing web traffic, and optimizing user experiences to maximize business metrics.

Jessica Lowing is a Senior Manager of Product & Engineering at Comcast, where she focuses on platform data systems. She has a Masters in Computer Science from MIT and currently manages the Xfinity Profile Graph, a user personalization and context platform for Xfinity applications.

Together, they’ll present on xfinity xFi and User Personalization.

John Lavin, Vanguard

John Lavin GraphConnect New York 2017 Speaker John Lavin is a 17-year veteran of The Vanguard Group and currently an Enterprise Architect responsible for the management and migration of existing business software to microservices and the cloud. John is based out of the Philadelphia area and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Ursinus College.

He’ll be presenting on Microservice and Module Management with Neo4j at this year’s GraphConnect.

Geoffrey Horrell, Thomson Reuters

Geoffrey Horrell GraphConnect New York 2017 Speaker Geoff Horrell is Director of Product Incubation at Thomson Reuters.

His current focus is helping asset managers with digital transformation using the Thomson Reuters Knowledge Graph, Data Fusion and Intelligent Tagging NLP capabilities. Geoff has a long track record of launching innovative content products at Thomson Reuters over the last 15 years, including Value Chain, TRBC, Events Platform, Estimates Delta and Knowledge Direct. He is based in London and has a Masters in Economics from Edinburgh University.

At GraphConnect, he’ll be presenting Intelligent Recommendation Engine for Financial Analysts.

Jessica Dembe, Blackstone Federal

Jessica Dembe GraphConect New York 2017 Speaker Jessica Dembe is a front-end developer at Blackstone Federal who specializes in creating customer-focused applications. Jessica’s technical focus is on JavaScript frameworks and UX/UI best practices. For EAIR, she supports the project’s front-end development to ensure the best user experience possible.

She’ll be presenting on Neo4j and Information Sharing for Enterprise Architects at this year’s GraphConnect.

Irene Iriarte-Carretero, Gousto

Irene Iriarte Carretero GraphConnect Speaker New York 2017 Irene Iriarte-Carretero is a London-based data scientist working for Gousto, a recipe kit delivery company.

Originally from Spain, Irene did her undergraduate studies in Chemistry at Imperial College London and then went on to do a Computational Chemistry PhD studying nanoscale heat transport in ice. This highlighted her love for technical problem solving, which led her to pursue a career in data once out of university.

At GraphConnect, she’ll be presenting on Mapping Ontologies in Graphs for Personalization at Gousto.

Chuck Calio, IBM

Chuck Calio GraphConnect New York 2017 Speaker Chuck Calio is a Distinguished IBM IT Specialist and the IBM Power Systems Offering Manager for Modern Data Platforms and Cognitive Solutions. Chuck has 36 years of experience designing and delivering IT solutions for IBM. Chuck is based out of the New York area and has a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University.

He’ll be presenting on A Recursive Case Study — Using Neo4j to Design High Performance Processors for Neo4j.

As you can see, GraphConnect New York is going to be packed with the best Neo4j expertise at some of the most distinguished companies and brands from around the globe.

Curious to know who else is presenting at GraphConnect New York this year? Check out our Speakers page for more info.

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