Learn how your Neo4j project could be recognized with a Graphie Award at GraphConnect 2018Editor’s Note: This is literally the last day before tickets to GraphConnect 2018 go up in price. If you were holding out (for some reason?), this is your last chance before you have to fork over another Benjamin.

You just got one more reason to attend GraphConnect 2018: We’re giving away awards, and you can get one.

Everything You Need to Know about the Graphies

Officially known as the Neo4j GraphConnect Awards, the “Graphies” recognize excellence in connected data across a number of categories. Graphies are open to Neo4j customers, Neo4j partners, startup program members, investigative/data journalists, Neo4j community members and Neo4j ambassadors.

Winners will be honored on September 20 during the disConnect Party at the end of the GraphConnect conference day in New York City, so stick around to hear who won this year’s awards.

We’ve already got a great pool of nominations, but we don’t want anyone in the Neo4j ecosystem to feel left out of the process or be overlooked (we’re not omniscient…yet). So if you think your graph-powered application or project is award-worthy (remember: multiple categories), then let us know and submit your graph for consideration.

How You Can Get a Graphie

Ready to get your Graphie? To be considered, all potential award winners must complete our nomination form (you can also access this form via GraphConnect.com).

Besides basic organization and contact info, here’s what information you’ll need to provide for the Graphie nomination process:
    • A high-level overview of your Neo4j-powered project or application
    • What problem you were solving with Neo4j
    • Why/how you chose Neo4j
    • Any results (quantitative or otherwise) you can share about your project
    • The general number of nodes or relationships in your graph
    • The largest or longest traversal (number of hops) in your graph
    • Any other supporting material (visuals, code, etc.) to support your nomination
Intimidated by any of these categories or measures? Don’t be!

There are lots of qualifying categories – we’re not just looking for the biggest graph or largest bottom-line impact – so tell us what makes your graph unique or interesting (like a data journalism investigation, or a machine learning project, or something else entirely!).

Of course, we’re always here to answer your questions about the Graphie Awards or GraphConnect in general. For more information, email us at graphconnect@neo4j.com.

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Leena is passionate about women’s leadership and the graphiness of life. She loves to paint, practice yoga and meditate, preferably all at the same time!

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