Initial release of Neo4j Grails plugin

As announced by Stefan Armbruster on the Neo4j and Grails mailing lists, the initial 0.1 version of the Neo4j Grails plugin has been released by him. Read the full announcement in this blog post. Grails is a web application framwork based on the Groovy language. At the moment the plugin has support for the basic CRUD operations and also exposes the underlying node of each domain object through a property.

Different people have requested such a plugin previously, so it’s exiting news that the plugin now exists.

Stefan has also provided example code for how to use the plugin. Basic domain classes may look like this:

class Author { 
    String name
    Date dob
    static hasMany = [ books: Book ]

class Book {
    String title
    static belongsTo = [ author:Author ]
After adding a little data to the domain the node space will look like this (click for bigger version):

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