It’s Back to School Season! Learn More About Neo4j With These Webinars

Learn More About Neo4j
Summer is coming to a close, and for most people that means it’s back to school time in some shape or form. Days are getting shorter, nights are getting cooler, and sun hats are being replaced with thinking caps!

While you were out and about this summer on your annual leave or beach trip, you might have missed some important webinars we held to help you learn more about the latest and greatest releases of Neo4j. I’ve put together this recap to get you up to speed.

Neo4j: Explore Connections, Visualize Value with Neo4j Bloom

Visualization is a critical tool in getting the most out of your Neo4j graphs, empowering developers to prototype quickly and enabling data scientists to follow their intuition as they explore interesting patterns and algorithm results.

Neo4j Bloom streamlines conversations and projects across teams. The illustrative, codeless search-to-storyboard design makes Neo4j Bloom the ideal interface for non-technical project participants to share in the innovative work of their graph analytics and development teams.

In this 45-minute session, you’ll learn:

    • How to reveal the value of data relationships and identify traversal paths between interesting nodes
    • How to identify the relationships (including hidden paths) between individuals
    • How to connect people to activities, locations, and other objects
    • How to visualize the context and paths of Cypher queries
Start exploring connections!
Neo4j: Explore Connections, Visualize Value with Neo4j Bloom

Start Exploring Connections!

We also released Neo4j 4.3! Neo4j 4.3 is the latest and greatest update to Neo4j, the leading graph database for deployment in any production environment – on-premises, hybrid, or in the cloud. Building on the most trusted, scalable, secure database for performance and data integrity, Neo4j 4.3 delivers significant enhancements to performance, scalability, security, operability, cloud scale, and developer experience. It’s open source, and the source code is now available on GitHub.

Introducing Neo4j 4.3: The Fastest Path to Graph Productivity

In this webinar, Ivan Zoratti, Director of Product Management at Neo4j, spent 45 minutes exploring what’s new in this release and gave a demo of some of the key enhancements like:

    • Improved Performance
    • Unlimited Graph-Native Scale
    • Fine-grained Security
    • Cloud Scale
Neo4j 4.3 is the fastest path to graph productivity
Neo4j 4.3 is the fastest path to graph productivity!

Watch the Webinar!

And rounding out my what-you-missed-this-summer webinar recap, and especially geared toward the developers out there, I’ve included our session on Neo4j DevTools, What Will You Build?

Come for the Tools – Stay for Developer Productivity – Neo4j DevTools, What Will You Build?

As application development shifts to favor modern architectures, the need for flexible developer tools has never been greater. Intelligent applications require a seamless integration of languages, libraries, and APIs. That’s why the best developer tools enable rapid, agile development while providing tighter integration between the front-end and backend.

Neo4j offers sophisticated tools designed to help developers build graph applications with ease. This 45-minute session with Gregory King, Product Manager at Neo4j, provides an overview of two such tools, Neo4j Browser and Neo4j Desktop.

Come for the Tools - Stay for Developer Productivity
Come for the Tools – Stay for Developer Productivity

Build Graph Applications with Ease!

And that’s a wrap on this month’s We Do Cool Webinars monthly blog post. I hope you enjoyed the recap and that you had a fantastic summer. Next month I’ll be writing to you while sipping a Pumpkin Spice Latte – fall is in the air!

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