The 5-Minute Interview: Kent Lovestjärna, Digital Media Manager at Hästens

For this week’s 5-Minute Interview, I caught up with Kent Lovestjärna, the Digital Media Manager at Hästens Sängar in Köping, Sweden. I chatted at Kent while we were at GraphConnect Europe.

Here’s what we discussed:

Q: Talk to me about how you use Neo4j at Hästens.

Kent Lovestjärna: Well, for the moment we are using Neo4j to do a lot of stuff. First off, we are using it for the web and also we are connecting it to our SAP systems, making a better 360-degree view of our clients, and also to our sales force. Since we do have a lot of partners, we are using it for them and to connect as much as possible, especially to get a better view of our customers with Master Data Management (MDM).

Q: Why did you all choose Neo4j? What made it stand out?

Catch This Week’s 5-Minute Interview with Kent Lovestjärna, Digital Media Manager at HästensKent: I think for us as a company – since we don’t always know everything and how we want to build it – we thought Neo4j was a really good solution when you’re not sure of all the details. With Neo4j, we could collect the data and start building something with it afterwards.

Also the development process of using Neo4j has been much faster, compared to our old process. So, both of those factors are the key for us.

Q: What have been some of your most surprising or interesting results you’ve seen as you’ve started using Neo4j?

Kent: I think it’s the graph, that you can use it to do so much more. In the beginning, we just thought that we could do this and that, but now we realize that we can use it for so much more. We’re integrating Neo4j more into the company and trying to find new solutions to challenges that we’ve been working on for a lot of years.

Q: If you could take everything you know about Neo4j now, and go back to the beginning of when you first started using it, what would you do differently?

Kent: I think I would go all-in from the beginning, because of the road map for starting to use Neo4j. We were looking at using Neo4j for half a year, but now seeing our results, we would have been better prepared as a company to push it out faster because of the outcomes we’re seeing now.

Q: Do you have anything else you want to add or say?

Kent: I can’t think of anything right now, but we’re really happy about Neo4j and the results that we’re seeing.

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