Neo Sponsors: OSCON 2014

Neo4j is proud to sponsor OSCON 2014 in Portland, Oregon.

Our team, along with our friends at GraphAlchemist, will be at the conference in full force to talk about the field of Graph Databases and meet up with our great community in the area. We have a number of sessions scheduled throughout the conference and hope to see you at one or all! Always feel free to reach out to us at any point by tweeting to @Neo4j or to one of our Developer Evangelists onsite: Kenny Bastani (@KennyBastani), Michael Hunger (@mesirii), or Nicole White (@_nicolemargaret). We’re kicking off the conference with a Birds of a Feather session hosted by GraphAlchemist discussing their new project, Alchemy.js. Huston Hedinger will talk about this open source tool that allows users to easily create interactive graph visualizations. Alchemy.js values configuration over implementation through JavaScript allowing developers to simply provide a data source and a configuration. Additionally, Alchemy.js is written almost entirely in d3 and allows openness and access through its API.

Michael Hunger, one of the amazing Developer Evangelists at Neo4j, will be hosting an Intro to Neo4j 2.0 training on Monday the 21st. It will focus on building a solid foundational knowledge of graph databases, and will cover the core functionality of the open source Neo4j graph database. With a mixture of theory and hands-on practice sessions, attendees will quickly learn how easy it is to work with a powerful graph database using Cypher as the query language.

Tuesday Night we’ll be joining forces with GraphAlchemist for GraphPub: Knowledge Cafe held at the local favorite, Spirit of 77! We’ll have some knowledge tables set up to talk about some of the exciting new things happening in the field of Graph Databases.

On Wednesday, Michael will host an Office Hour in the Expo Hall. He will be on hand to answer any of your questions regarding Graph Databases and Neo4j. He’ll be able to help you to model your domain and use-cases in an interactive way, discuss graph-enabled applications in general, and answer questions about the pros and cons of these technologies

Last but certainly not least, DevEv Kenny Bastani (@KennyBastani) will host a Birds of a Feather session on Full Stack Development with Node, Angular, and Neo4j. He’ll cover the role of the full stack developer using open source platforms for building recommendation apps, and will introduce you to an open source project for movie recommendations.

We look forward to seeing you around Portland — Happy Graphing!