Neo4j 1.0-b11 — the open source nosql graph database — has been released. This is the last beta before we (after 6 years in commercial 24/7 production use) finally feel that we have a version that is worthy of 1.0. This means that the main focus of this release is stability and robustness rather than features. Having said that, Neo4j 1.0-b11 still includes amongst other things a new batch inserter version that implements the NeoService API (to minimize the impact of first-time imports on the rest of your code) and a lot of cleanup and improvements of the indexing utilities.

Download the Neo4j Core release or the Apoc bundle here.

For more information, read the list mail announcement and check out the details in the changelog.

As always, feedback to the mailing list or Twitter.

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Julian Simpson , Full Stack Developer

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Julian Simpson brings to Neo Technology the benefits of a long and random IT career. From working in thankless IT support jobs, to Unix Systems Administration, to DevOps consulting and writing, Julian has sometimes been at the cutting edge of technology. He keeps the marketing engines humming at Neo Technology.


Gabi says:

Thanks for this release. I have lots of plans regarding the use of Neo4J in my search engine. Keep up the good work!

kapilt says:

For some reason, on the home page the date of this release has the year 1969…

perhaps you should integrity check your downloads.

@kapilt: Thx for the heads up, the CMS has apparently screwed up the dates!

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