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The first time is a promise. The second, a confirmation. But it’s not until the third time you follow through on cleaning your room that you can claim it as a habit.

We’re feeling good about having a milestone release habit. Regular releases keep us mindful of always working towards delivering something useful. Milestone 3 has been quality-assured to minor API changes, bug fixes and some repackaging.

Get it from the download site. And read about the changes here.

Oh, and a reminder for anyone in the glorious Øresund region: look for Neo4j team members at Øredev next week.




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Julian Simpson , Full Stack Developer

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Julian Simpson brings to Neo Technology the benefits of a long and random IT career. From working in thankless IT support jobs, to Unix Systems Administration, to DevOps consulting and writing, Julian has sometimes been at the cutting edge of technology. He keeps the marketing engines humming at Neo Technology.

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