The Neo4j GraphGist Challenge: May the Graph Be with You

neo4j-winter-graphgist-challengeThe Neo4j Winter GraphGist Challenge has officially begun!

This year’s mission includes more categories, bigger prizes and new judges, so whether you’re a GraphGist veteran or a brand-new graphista, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The Mission:

This year’s GraphGist Challenge runs through January 31st, 2016, so you can enjoy your holidays while working on the best dataset, model and queries within your chosen category.

To participate, all you need to do is model your domain, use case or problem in a simple text file using AsciiDoc. (We even give you a forkable GraphGist template to get you started.) The result is a rich, interactive, database-backed page viewable in any browser.

See the challenge site for a full listing of the rules and conditions.

The Categories:

This year’s challenge includes new categories and domains:
    • Open/Government Data and Politics
    • Give the Rebels an upper hand by telling the universe what the Galactic Senate has been up to.
    • Investigative Journalism
    • Collect facts and use graphs to get insight into how the world works. (And find those…err, robots…we’re looking for.)
    • Holidays
    • Track Santa’s shortest path, or make it easier to do gift recommendations.
    • Sports and Recreation
    • Develop a graph-based ratings system for your favorite podracers in the Outer Rim Territories.
    • Public Web APIs
    • Mashup data from public web APIs. ’Nuff said.
    • Pop Culture
    • Graph your favorite people, events and other things in pop culture: TV, books, plays or recently released science fiction movies that are popular right now.

The Prizes:

It’s not a trap! This GraphGist Challenge includes a number of great prizes.

The Neo4j GraphGist Challenge Prizes

One Grand-Prize winner will get a $500 gift card to Amazon (or equivalent in your country/region) and a ticket to the GraphConnect conference.

In addition, the winner in each category will get a $250 Amazon (or equivalent) gift card plus a ticket to GraphConnect.

Honorable mention winners will get Neo4j S’well bottles.

About GraphGists:

GraphGists work like any AsciiDoc document, but they allow you to insert special comments to define how data from Neo4j can be displayed and interacted with.

More information about GraphGists and how to create them is located on our GraphGist Portal. You can also browse all published GraphGists here.

Thank You:

A Neo4j T-Shirt Goes to All GraphGist ParticipantsDon’t worry: As our way of saying thanks, every participant is a winner in this GraphGist Challenge!

Everyone who submits a non-duplicate GraphGist made with care will get a Neo4j T-shirt.

May the Graph Be with You!

What else are you waiting for? Click below to get started with the GraphGist Challenge and complete your mission successfully!