Neo4j in the News – Spring Edition: Cloud, Graph Analytics, and the Next Decade of Graph

It’s exciting to think about the fact that we’ve officially put the year 2020 behind us and are already three months into 2021!

While the pandemic is still around and many of us are continuing to adjust to the “new normal,” there does seem to be a possible end on the horizon. And while businesses have been faced with numerous challenges over the past 12 months, the acceleration of innovation shows little sign of slowing down.

Much of the discussion so far has revolved around the topic of graphs in the cloud. Companies like Levi Strauss & Co., Boston Scientific, ADEO, and Worldline have adopted our fully managed graph database for cloud developers – Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise – to build applications for recommendation engines, supply chain management, digital transformation, and more.

The need to tackle major issues, such as fraud rings and the support of tech and data on building diversity in the workplace, also continue to emerge.

I’ve noticed that, as graph technology continues to become more prevalent and grow into its own unique category, more developers, data scientists, and business owners are wondering how they can apply it, what trends drive such interest in various industries, and what’s next.

With that said, here’s a “highlight reel” of standout media coverage so far this year:

Why the 2020s Will Be Dominated by Graph Technology

“It is the decade where graphs will be for everyone,” said the CEO of Neo4j, Emil Eifrem, in on why the 2020s will be dominated by graph technology and four major trends driving interest. Read the Article.

Use Tech and Data to Enable Gender Parity in Leadership

“Technology and digital transformation are inherently disruptive … an opportunity to change the status quo; it has offered women new opportunities to take up leadership positions,” Alicia Frame told FutureCIO. Read the Article.

5 Steps for Better Fraud Detection Using Graph Technology

“Financial fraud is an increasingly pervasive problem, estimated to cost more than $5 trillion in 2019 – more than 6% of the Global Domestic Product,” Neo4j’s Nik Vora shares steps to detect fraud better using graph technology with The FinTech Times. Read the Article.

Next Generation Data Analytics Insights with Graph Technology

“Graph-powered data science will be an essential part of the enterprise data scientist’s toolbox over the next decade,” said Alicia Frame, Director of Data Science at Neo4j in IT for CEOs and CFOs. Read the Paper.

Neo4j Unveils Cloud Graph Database for the Enterprise

“We have a pretty aggressive roadmap. It [Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise] frees them [DevOps] up to focus on other roadmap items that they would have gotten to a quarter or two down the road,” Jacob Fowler, CTO at The Orchard in an interview with TechTarget’s Eric Avidon on the ways in which Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise is supporting the organization’s goals. Read the Article.

Neo4j Podcast

“We’re seeing a renaissance in knowledge graphs,” Amy Hodler, Director of AI and Graph Analytics at Neo4j, shares new and innovative use cases of graph technology in a recent Boulder BI Brain Trust (BBBT) podcast. Listen to the Podcast

We are grateful to the reporters and spokespeople who have shared stories and experiences on the ways in which Neo4j is being deployed and how graph technology is continuously growing. And as always, we look forward to sparking more discussions around this throughout the year!

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