Neo4j in the News – Summer Edition: Neo4j’s Recent Funding Round, Massive Graphs, Supply Chain, and HR’s Next Big Thing

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through 2021. It’s been a very eventful Q2 for Neo4j, and I’m excited to share some of the most notable highlights in our world!

While we’ve certainly seen significant demand for our favorite topic – graphs – one of the more popular angles has been leveraging graph technology to help enterprises harness the complex skill sets of employees. Many organizations have loads of talent that are not easily identified or categorized, making it a challenge to find the right people for the right task – a problem compounded by working from home, hiring and onboarding remote workers, and the new normal challenges we face in the workplace. Such has been the case for U.S. space agency NASA, as they use Neo4j’s knowledge graph to craft a talent-mapping database to help with major projects like getting back to the Moon, going to Mars, climate change, and more.

Furthermore, the supply chain continues to spark discussion, especially with the Suez Canal crisis exposing how little we understand the complex, multi-layer path of goods being produced and getting to market. A huge container ship was wedged in the canal, blocking traffic, impacting not just the global shipping industry but countless businesses, from retailers and supermarkets to manufacturers and more. This has shed light on how fragile these global networks are and how transparency in the supply chain becomes more vital when managing supply chain vulnerability and risk.

Finally, Neo4j’s recent funding news reflects the largest investment in database history with exciting implications for the broader database industry! This monumental event emphasizes that the more the world becomes connected and interconnected, the more of a need there is for graphs. As our Co-Founder and CEO, Emil Eifrem, highlights, “This is a magical time in the database space.” And it really is!

Though it was a challenge to narrow it down to a shortlist, here is just some of Neo4j’s incredible media coverage from the second quarter of this year:

NASA Is Using Data Science to Fill Its Data Science Skills Gap

“One of the biggest challenges has been to identify where our data science skills are within NASA… That’s a knowledge graph problem for most cases – anytime you look at people, there’s usually some kind of relationship and connection you’re looking for and it just made sense to use graphs for that,” said NASA’s David Meza in an interview with ZDNet’s Mark Samuels. Read the article.

Creating Resilience

“If 2020 taught us anything, it was that we underestimate the pivotal role of the supply chains in our lives and how fragile these global networks are. There is a pressing need to build robust, scalable, and less vulnerable supply chains,” Amy Hodler, Director of Analytics and AI Program at Neo4j comments, alongside customer Transparency-One, in Supply Chain Magazine on creating resiliency. Read the article.

Neo4j Raises $325 Million Series F for Graph Technology

“Our database is inspired by the human brain, which consists of neurons and synapses connecting to other neurons. Through that, you get a network or a graph. What we do is figure out how things are connected.” Emil Eifrem, speaking with Cheddar News’ Kristen Scholer, after the Series F funding announcement. Read the article.

The Biggest Investment in Database History, the Biggest Social Network Ever, and Other Graph Stories from Neo4j

“Databases are the biggest segment of the enterprise software market, currently estimated at around $50 billion and projected to grow to $100 billion in the coming years,” Emil Eifrem told George Anadiotis at ZDNet. Read the article.

Neo4j Explains How Eurazeo Came to Lead $325 Million Series F

“Graphs is a language everyone speaks – they provide many more opportunities to convey a complex message in a simple form,” Eurazeo’s Nathalie Kornhoff-Brüls said in a recent Business Insider piece on why they chose to invest in Neo4j. Read the article.

Neo4j Raises Neo$325M as Graph-Based Data Analysis Takes Hold in Enterprise

“We think that graphs can be a significant part of the modern data landscape. In fact, we believe it can be the biggest part of the modern data landscape. And this round, I think, sends a clear signal [that] we’re going for it,” said Emil Eifrem in an interview with TechCrunch’s Danny Crichton. Read the article.

Neo4j Hits $2B+ Valuation After $325M Raise

“Databases are a space that really needs no explanation… they’re crucial to everything we touch,” Eurazeo’s Nathalie Kornhoff-Bruls comments in a conversation on Neo4j’s latest Series F funding announcement with Chris Metinko of Crunchbase News. Read the article.

Graphs as a Foundational Technology Stack: Analytics, AI, and Hardware

“Machine learning models that use relationships via graphs will outcompete those that don’t. And organizations that use better models will outcompete everyone else,” Emil Eifrem and Alicia Frame in a discussion around the emergence of graph as a foundational technology stack for the 2020s and beyond. Read the article.

As always, we’re incredibly appreciative of the support we’ve received from international reporters and spokespeople over the past quarter. We’ve had loads to celebrate, especially with the announcement of our latest Series F funding, and are excited for all that’s yet to come.

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