Neo4j in the News – Winter Edition: Neo4j Growth, Big Data, and Cybercrime

Welcome back, everyone, and welcome to 2022!

2021 flew by like no other (arguably faster than 2020, I’d say). It’s hard to believe I’m writing a winter edition of our news round-up, having already wrapped up the holiday season.

Over the last few months, we’ve read and spoken a lot about the immense growth at Neo4j, including a new funding round and board appointment, how to truly understand our data amongst the deluge, and the ongoing challenges of cybercrime (an evergreen theme, it seems). Wrapping up the year has been nothing short of eventful!

As we wave goodbye to 2021, we celebrate some of the incredible media coverage that was published last quarter:

How the Secrets of the Pandora Papers Were Freed

“Graph databases excel at spotting data relationships at scale,” said Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo4j, a graph technology company whose products are used by the ICIJ. Instead of breaking up data artificially, graph databases more closely mimic the way humans think about information. “Once that data model is coded in a scalable architecture, a graph database is matchless at mining connections in huge and complex datasets,” Eifrem said. Read the Article.

The Role of Graph Data Platform in Preventing Cyberattacks

“When we look at reining in and limiting nefarious activity on organisational networks, it helps to think like a criminal. Criminals look for vulnerabilities. They think in ‘graphs,’ while the organisations they target usually think in lists, combating crime through elimination,” Nik Vora, Vice President APAC at Neo4j, said in Asia’s Tech Collective. Read the Article.

Why CIOs Are Turning to Knowledge Graphs for Critical Business Help

“Leaders know the value of their data, keenly aware that it holds the answers to their most pressing business questions. They need insights to improve decision making and enhance business performance. Knowledge graphs can help these leaders because they function as a special non-disruptive insight layer on top of their existing data landscape. Knowledge graphs drive intelligence into data to significantly enhance its value — without changing any of the existing data infrastructure,” Maya Natarajan, senior director, knowledge graphs at Neo4j in Information Age. Read the Article.

Finding the Needle in Your Data Haystack

“As more and more of everyday life is lived online, the amount of data generated has grown exponentially. While technologies for storing and analyzing data have evolved, companies’ overall approach to harnessing big data to solve business problems has largely remained the same. This does not necessarily mean organizations need to throw out the tools they are used to and start from scratch. What is really needed is a shift in how IT leaders approach the data, starting by asking the right questions to solve business problems and drive value for customers. Without this change in perspective, businesses are doomed to repeat the mistakes of data eras past,” Lance Walter, CMO at Neo4j in a contributed article to Datanami. Read the Article.

Patrick Pichette Joins Neo4j’s Board as Inovia Leads Startup’s $66 Million USD Series F Extension

“Neo4j basically built the industry, and people are now waking up to the fact that there’s a massive opportunity, so competition is building up,” Pichette told BetaKit in an interview alongside Neo4j CEO, Emil Eifrem. “We’ll be working with the company to determine how you successfully go from leading evangelizer to clear market leader in people’s minds. This will involve important prioritization decisions in terms of product development and sales and marketing.” Read the Article.

The Power of Graph Data Platform and Enterprise AI Platform

“Graph technology is extremely versatile and can elevate the capability of companies and agencies. With graph technology, people can solve the previously unsolvable. Top financial institutions, retailers and Telecoms, global governments overseeing civilian affairs, defence, and intelligence use Neo4j to analyse, optimise and protect. They have enabled customers to manage financial fraud, patient outcomes, the mission to Mars, global fare pricing and vaccine distribution,” Robin Fong, Regional Director ASEAN at Neo4j, in an interview with Open Gov Asia. Read the Article.

Someone’s Calling About AI. Graph Technology Is Ready To Answer

“As global digitisation increasingly expands, the volume of connected data is expanding right along with it. We’re also facing more and more complex problems, from climate change to financial corruption, and it’s going to continue. The good news is we now have graph technology to access more help from machines to face the challenging situations ahead,” Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo4j, in a contributed article to ComputerWeekly. Read the Article.

Thank you to all of the incredible journalists and publications we’ve worked with for yet another remarkable year! We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays, and we look forward to collaborating in this new year!

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