Neo4j Is Now Available on the AWS Marketplace

Learn all about how Neo4j is now available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) MarketplaceMany Neo4j users host their databases in on-premise data centers, but there’s an increasing trend of utilizing cloud-based hosting providers.

EC2 on Amazon Web Services has always been a popular choice given its success in the market, so we wanted to make it even easier to deploy Neo4j on your cloud of choice. This means you can quickly combine the capability of Neo4j to leverage the connections between your data with the flexibility and scalability of AWS.

Deploying Neo4j 3.2 on the AWS Marketplace

To this end, we’ve made the recently-released Neo4j 3.2 Community Edition available on the AWS Marketplace. This enables you to launch a new Neo4j instance using the same 1-Click experience you’ve come to expect from Amazon.

Neo4j 3.2 Community Edition on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

This release adds to our recent launch on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, which supports the full Causal Clustering and scaling capabilities of Neo4j Enterprise Edition.

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While currently only the Community Edition is available on AWS through the 1-click install process, you can of course use the Enterprise Edition by installing it directly on an EC2 machine running your favorite OS. We’ll consider adding the Enterprise Edition to the AWS Marketplace based on feedback from customers.

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