Graph-Based, Real-Time Inventory & Topology for Network Automation [Video]

When building a network automation solution, one of the first steps on your journey is creating a source of truth for your network inventory and topology.

Watch this webinar on how Neo4j's graph platform improves the representation of network automation

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A graph technology platform like Neo4j – which provides a rich, accurate and timely representation of your network – is a great fit for this task.

In this webinar, Jesús Barrasa and Teemu Nykänen, Service Architect at Elisa, discuss Elisa’s software-defined network (SDN) initiatives and their experience building a live inventory and topology store with Neo4j. Elisa, based in Finland, is a world leader in network automation, offering communication services in Northern Europe as well as automation solutions to other CSPs.

We explore:
    • How the performance and flexibility of a graph-based inventory and topology engine built on Neo4j accelerates the deployment of network automation solutions, modernizing your network.
    • How graph technology is used in other network management areas to build adaptive solutions to future-proof operations for major telco providers.

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