Having a lot of data to mine from is a truly beautiful thing. But many businesses today struggle with data – especially as it grows and becomes more complex – that’s stored in different data repositories, not to mention different formats and permissions.

Typical types of disconnected data include customers, products, suppliers and employees – and being unable to tie that data altogether leads to a lot of internal frustrations.

To meet your goals of uncovering new opportunities, retaining customers, driving growth, complying with regulations and so much more, you need to connect all of your data with graph technology.

Check out this infographic below to discover how a graph database is the foundation for a master data management system that connects disparate systems to solve your data challenges.

Master data management with a graph database.

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Explore how the world of graph technology intersects with master data management (MDM) in this white paper: Your Master Data Is a Graph: Are You Ready?. Click below to get your free copy.

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Navneet Mathur , Senior Director of Global Solutions, Neo4j

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Nav Mathur is Senior Director of Global Solutions at Neo4j. He is responsible for solutions development and go-to-market activities.

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