Announcing NODES 2024: Submit Your Talk

NODES 2024 call for papers is now open.

NODES, the premier developer conference dedicated to graph-powered applications and contextual AI, returns for its sixth year on November 7, 2024. Join thousands of developers and data scientists in this free, 24-hour conference to learn about the latest GenAI innovations and gain insights from speakers showcasing their implementations, tools, and models.

Last year, NODES 2023 welcomed thousands of graph enthusiasts who attended more than 100 live sessions by 110 speakers from 30 countries. NODES 2024 promises to be even better:

    • Sessions will cover hot topics like retrieval augmented generation (RAG) and AI orchestration frameworks
    • The conference will span time zones to accommodate our global community
    • Two-hour workshops will provide deep dives into graph solutions
    • Speakers will present live and interact with attendees during Q&A sessions

Submit Your Talk by June 15, 2024

The call for papers is open now through June 15, 2024. Submit an educational presentation demonstrating graph and Neo4j-related technologies, focusing on solution creation using code, data models, Cypher, or best practices.

Choose from three session formats:

    • 30-minute talks with Q&A
    • 10-minute lightning talks
    • 2-hour hands-on workshops

We accept submissions covering topics in four tracks:

Applications: Libraries, Frameworks, and Platforms

Discover how developers use Neo4j to power inventive solutions across software stacks, cloud providers, and programming languages.

AI: Generative AI, Knowledge Graphs, and Retrieval-Augmented Generation

Explore the intersection of groundbreaking research and real-world applications using graph technologies and techniques.

Data Science: Machine Learning, Graph Data Science, and AI Models

Learn advanced techniques in data curation and maintenance designed to fuel AI models.

Graphs: Visualization, Data Integrations, and Tips & Tricks

Unlock the power of graphs, connect knowledge graphs to broader data systems, and uncover expert tips and tricks.

Get Inspiration From NODES 2023

If you missed NODES 2023 or want to revisit some of the best sessions, check out our blog post featuring the top 10 sessions from NODES 2023. These highly-rated and well-attended presentations cover various topics, from creating graph dashboards with natural language queries to applying graph data and AI for pet travel. You’ll also find sessions on Cypher types, user-defined procedures, GitHub Actions workflows, and more. The full NODES 2023 playlist is available on YouTube here.

Submit your talk by June 15 and save the date for NODES 2024!