7 Tips for Submitting Your NODES 2024 Talk

Tips for submitting your NODES talk.

Got your eye on NODES 2024? The deadline to submit your talk is fast approaching. Developers and data scientists from all over the world are getting ready to share their latest graph-powered projects at this year’s free online conference. If you’d like to join them, here are a few tips to help you craft your presentation, even if you’re new to the game!

But first, some background. You can choose from three session formats: a 30-minute talk with Q&A, a 10-minute lightning talk, or a two-hour hands-on workshop. Your talk should fall into one of this year’s four tracks: Applications, AI, Data Science, and Graphs. Submit your graph story by June 15.

Now, with the call-for-papers deadline creeping ever closer, let’s run through seven tips to help refine your idea and write your abstract.

1. Know Your Audience

Got a concept in mind? Cool. Now, think about your audience. This is key because it shapes your whole session. Are they devs skilled in multiple languages? What industries are they from?

2. Outline Your Talk

Sketch out the main points you’ll cover. What problem are you solving? How does graph tech come into play? And what demos or insights will you share?

3. Start Strong

Kick off with a line that sets up the problem your audience faces. For example: “Every developer should know how to ____.”

4. Sell Your Session

In a couple of sentences, explain what people will gain from your talk. This is the heart of your abstract – it tells them your session is for them. Be clear: “You’ll learn ____ and ____.” And highlight what makes your session unique. If you’re live-coding or sharing lessons learned, mention it.

5. Show You’re Human

Add a personal touch to your abstract. Mention your name! For instance: “In this session, Jamie will show you … “

6. Nail Your Title

Toss around a few title ideas. Try straightforward ones, then mix in some fun options. Pick one that grabs attention.

7. Get Feedback

Ask peers to review your title and abstract. Adjust based on their feedback, then hit “Submit”!

New to Speaking? Try a Lightning Talk.

If it’s your first time speaking or talking about graph technology, consider a lightning talk. They’re short — just 10 minutes. Got a neat trick or solution using graphs? Talk about it!

Need inspiration? Check out our blog post, “10 Ideas to Inspire You to Present at NODES 2024.”

The deadline is June 15th — don’t miss it. Good luck!