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Graphs for Cybersecurity: Cyberthreats, Vulnerabilities, and Risk

Note: This blog post is an extract from the Graphs for Cybersecurity white paper by Dave Voutila, Gal Bello, Tara Jana, and Deb Cameron. Cyberattacks had been on the rise for years, with nation state threat actors and foreign hacking collectives joining in, devoting more time and resources... read more

Please Welcome Chandra Rangan, Neo4j’s Chief Marketing Officer!

I couldn’t be more excited to welcome Chandra Rangan, Neo4j’s new Chief Marketing Officer, to our company and community. This role is essential as we continue to evolve globally and expand across industries. With graph technology exploding – and Neo4j on the frontlines of that growth... read more

Estelle Scifo

This Week in Neo4j: Graph Embeddings, OSS Vulnerabilities, Supply Chain Stack, Star Wars Graph, Chatbot MD, and More!

With graph data science, you can choose between several graph embedding algorithms, and generating low-dimensional vector spaces is easy. But how do you evaluate the embedding results in your machine learning application? Enter Emblaze, a Jupyter notebook widget for visually comparing... read more

10 Things You Can Do With Cypher That Are Hard With SQL

Editor's note: This presentation was given by Michael Hunger in December 2021 at Neo4j Connections: Graphs for Cloud Developers. SQL has been around for a long time; it's a powerful query language, but there are some things that just make more sense in Cypher. I’ll occasionally show SQL as... read more

Clone an Instance in Aura to Optimize Your Development Cycles

"Give me more manual toil and database management tasks in my daily development workflows," said no developer ever. One of the key goals of every developer is to optimize development cycles on a daily basis so you can spend more time coding and adding value for your users, and less time... read more

GraphConnect 2022: Learn the Neo4j Ropes at Expert-Led Training Sessions

We’re delighted to offer developers hands-on experience with Neo4j software at our training sessions during GraphConnect 2022 in Austin, Texas. These training courses are designed to give attendees direct access to Neo4j experts for half or full day sessions around a variety of topics, for... read more

Achieve Unrivaled Speed and Scalability With Neo4j

As data volumes continue to grow, applications need to scale up and scale out to handle the increased load. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages, and the best approach varies on the specific requirements of the application. However, data integrity and performance must be... read more