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Save your spot for NODES 2020, coming this October.

Neo4j Online Developer Expo & Summit Is Back!

NODES 2020 is a free, multi-track, one-day virtual conference loaded with highly technical presentations delivered by Neo4j experts on graph-related topics. October 20, 2020 8:00 - 17:00 EDT | 12:00-21:00 GMT Last year was a hit! With five tracks, over 60 speakers across 15 countries,... read more

Augmented Intelligence: 5-Minute Interview with Demian Bellumio, NEORIS

"Most enterprises have the issue that data is disconnected, and graph could be the glue that brings it all together," said Demian Bellumio, Global VP of Augmented Intelligence, NEORIS. NEORIS is a digital accelerator that services companies in industries such as tech and media, financial... read more

Neo4j Certified Professionals Now Get Access to Advanced-Level Virtual Training Sessions

What should happen after you become a Neo4j Certified Professional? You get even better and stronger at Neo4j! This is why we decided to provide our Neo4j Certified Professionals with eight hands-on, advanced virtual training sessions, at no cost, over the course of the year. If you cannot... read more

Learn how ETL tools work, including basics of graph ETL which converts RDBMS to graph databases.

Graph Databases for Beginners: The Basics of Graph ETL

他每天下午都在学校踢球。 Oh, sorry, you didn’t catch that? Unless you read Chinese, it's perfectly normal to be a little confused. No one understands all 6,500 existing languages on earth. Let’s go ahead and translate the sentence into something English speakers can... read more

Graph-Powered Recommendations: How Smart Recommendations Drive Value

Recommendation engines have become a crucial component of modern sales, finance, logistics and human resources applications. This core need has triggered a shift from relational and big-data approaches to graph-based technologies that are purpose-built to handle the rigorous demands of real-time... read more

Learn about social knowledge graphs to improve remote collaboration.

#GraphCast: How a Social Knowledge Graph Improves Remote Collaboration

Welcome to this week's #GraphCast – our series featuring what you might have missed in Neo4j media from the past fortnight. Last time, our Managing Editor, Jocelyn Hoppa, shared Getting Started with the Arrows Tool which walked us through the fundamentals of data modeling for your graph... read more