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Graphs for Business Transformation: The 5-Minute Interview With Trinette Brownhill

“I've been trying to find concrete evidence of why we need to bring in Neo4j... The team gives me a lot of the support I need in order to take the evidence to my clients,” says Trinette Brownhill, a Distinguished Engineer at IBM. This week, we look back on our chat with Trinette... read more

Design Thinking for Graph Data: The Secret to Successful Graph-Powered Apps

Design thinking is the secret to successful graph-powered apps. My organization, Predictive UX, designs graph-based applications. We come at it from a human-first user experience perspective and work primarily with enterprise organizations on complex content and data projects. I want to share... read more

Niklas Saers

This Week in Neo4j: CSV Import, Rails Integration, Better Farming, ML for Graphs, and More

In this week's newsletter, researchers at UCLA DataResolutions set out to train a model to predict team assignments of their members based on who they know in the organization. The project integrates a graph deep learning pipeline with a knowledge graph to create a complete stack of network... read more

Summer 2022: Neo4j AuraDB Update

Neo4j AuraDB is a cloud-based, fully managed graph database offering. Built on a native graph engine with uncompromising performance, AuraDB helps you focus on your applications with rich data insights without the worry of managing infrastructure. Whether you are new to Neo4j AuraDB or... read more

How the Australian Department of Infrastructure Applies Graph

The Australian Government’s Department of Infrastructure helps the country make informed transportation policy decisions for roads and vehicles by developing transportation and communications legislation and planning new infrastructure development. A key part of this work for David... read more

Antonio Origlia

This Week in Neo4j: Graph Solutions, Healthcare Analytics, Recommendation Engine, Integration Tests, and More

In this week's newsletter, Chintan Desai demonstrates how the connected data capabilities of a graph database can help achieve what is either impossible or complicated with other database models. He performs analytics on a knowledge graph translated from the publicly available FDA Adverse Event... read more

Graphs for Information Services: The 5-Minute Interview With Cyndi Streun

At GraphConnect 2022, we had the opportunity to chat with some of the brightest minds in graphs – among them Cyndi Streun. Cindy is the Vice President of Information Services at the Federation of State Medical Boards, a nonprofit that's over a century old. Her organization supports... read more