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Neo4j has broken new ground in database applications with the introduction of the native graph database and the dominant labeled property graph model. As Neo4j has matured, it has inevitably found its way into demanding enterprises who value security alongside… Learn More →
Learn how to implement and managed role-based access control in Neo4j Enterprise Edition

Graph-Specialized ETL: Taking Citizens into the Graph and Keeping It up to Date

Editor's Note: This presentation was given by İrfan Nuri Karaca at GraphConnect Europe in April 2016. Here's a quick review of what he covered: The exponentially growing pool of data worldwide How graphs solved Kale Yazılım's data challenges Trends in database technology How to overcome data integration challenges – What we’re going to be talking about today is how we took... Read more →

Find out how Kale Yazilim successfully integrated its legacy data into the Neo4j graph database


This Week in Neo4j – 18 March 2017

Welcome to This Week in Neo4j. If you’ve got any ideas for things we should cover in future editions, I’m @markhneedham on Twitter or send an email to devrel@neo4j.com. WordPress Recommendation Engine Adam Cowley has been busy over the last couple of weeks building a Neo4j-based recommendation engine for WordPress. The WordPress graph You can follow his work in a... Read more →

This week in Neo4j - 18 March 2017


The 5-Minute Interview: Chuck Kane, Director of Global Solutions at Pitney Bowes

"Moving from relational to graph, it takes time to learn to step back from your data and ask, 'What more can I do?'" said Chuck Kane, Director of Global Solutions at Pitney Bowes. The company partnered with Neo4j to provide effective fraud detection analysis to its customers, made possible by the ability of a graph database to uncover hidden data relationships. In this week's 5-Minute... Read more →

Catch this week’s 5-Minute Interview with Chuck Kane, Director of Global Solutions at Pitney Bowes


The JetBrains IDE Plugin for Graph Database Developers [Community Post]

Many developers mostly stay in their integrated development environments (IDEs) when working on software. That's why it's useful if the IDE has database tooling built in that allows you to query your database and validate and complete your statements. When writing Neo4j-related code, that means extensively supporting Cypher as a first-class query language in your IDE. Today I would like to... Read more →

Learn all about the JetBrains IDE plugin offering graph database support for Neo4j, Cypher and more


Neo4j on Mesosphere DC/OS

Don't miss Johannes present on scaling out Neo4j using Apache Mesos and DC/OS at the next Neo4j Online Meetup! (dcos)-->(instance)<--(neo4j) The same day that Neo4j 3.1 was released in December 2016 it also became available as a Mesosphere Universe package. This is the story behind that joint effort which also explains the why and how. Johannes is a long-time Neo4j user and... Read more →

Learn how to deploy Neo4j using Mesosphere DC/OS and Marathon for container orchestration


This Week in Neo4j – 11 March 2017

Welcome to this week in Neo4j. This week we’ve got articles showing how to integrate Neo4j with Kibana, using jQAssistant from Pandas, and lots of releases of Neo4j and related projects. But first: International Women’s Day Praveena and Eve answering questions at the Neo4j booth On Wednesday 8th March Neo4j sponsored Tech (K)now Day - a mini conference hosted by Skillsmatter... Read more →

Explore everything that's happening in the Neo4j community for the week of 11 March 2017



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