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Zach Probst

This Week in Neo4j: OSS Dependencies, Workspace, LLM, Streaming Graph Data, and More

Welcome to the newsletter! This week, Michael Hunger graphs open-source software dependencies, an important use case within software analytics for graph databases. See the video below and read the linked blog "Analyzing Software Dependencies With deps.dev" for more information. Also in the news:... read more

Native vs. Non-Native Graph Database

It’s a familiar figure of speech: “Jack of all trades, master of none.” If you’re trying to be good at everything, you end up being mediocre at most things and not exceptional at anything in particular. Software, technology, and – you guessed it – databases are no... read more

Mike Morley Featured Speaker in Twin4j This week in Neo4j

This Week in Neo4j: Announcing NODES 2023, Graph Training, Private ChatGPT, Kafka, NASA, LLMs, H2O and More

NODES 2023 is back for an online, non-stop, 24-hour conference on October 26th! We just opened the call for papers this week, so take a look at your current or recent projects and find a topic you would like to present. Conference content is expected to be as varied as the many use cases for... read more

NODES 2023 Is Coming in October, and You’re Invited!

NODES is back for its fifth year on October 26, 2023! It’s the biggest graph community gathering dedicated to learning how to integrate graph technologies into ML and dev projects. For 24 hours nonstop, speakers from around the world will showcase their implementations, tools, models, and... read more

David Hughes

This Week in Neo4j: Path Type, OpenSanctions, LangChain, Kubernetes, GraphXR, and More

This week, there is a new graph database plugin for IntelliJ to try out. The plugin provides useful developer features for working with graph databases, such as syntax highlighting and autocompletion for Cypher and connecting to and querying local and remote graph databases. It supports Neo4j... read more

How Apna Built a Better Job Search Experience With Graph Database

As businesses continue to adapt to an ever-changing job market, innovative technologies play a crucial role in shaping the future of work. In this blog post, we highlight the success story of Apna, one of India's largest jobs and professional networking platforms, dedicated to helping India's... read more

Christophe Willemsen

This Week in Neo4j: ChatGPT 4, OpenSanctions, CloudQuery, Twitter Data, Neo4j 5 APOC, and More

Here are a couple of highlights from this week's content roundup. There's a tutorial by Sofia Vei and team analyzing Twitter data with nicely reusable Python utility functions that make the project useful for anyone doing similar ETL work. They do analysis in NEuler, the Graph Data Science... read more