ISN is the leading provider of Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) management systems for contractor engagement. ISN collects and verifies HSE information from contractors to ensure that they are meeting the necessary requirements before they are allowed to come on… Learn More →
Learn how Expero used Neo4j graph technology to prototype a sub-contracting solution for ISN

How Graph Technology Helps the Automotive Industry to Innovate with patedo

Abstract: KCIG, a German consulting company well-known in the automotive industry, and Structr, jointly created patedo®, a groundbreaking patent search engine, enabling engineers to query the world's patent databases in unprecedented ways to find relevant working-level information much quicker than before. Background Today, everybody is talking about self-driving and electric cars. New... Read more →

Learn how graph technology is helping the automotive industry via patedo for patent searches


A Path to the Graph: Data Integration That Begins without Writing Any Code

Most people understand the problem in any large organization today is that the data is in silos. Data is disconnected, and as a result, a report from any one source is incomplete and not necessarily actionable to the extent it really can or should be. Reports providing unified views on integrated data from across the silos are required so people can look for information crucial to their... Read more →

Learn how FactGem's Data Fabric solution empowers data integration across numerous data siloes


7VORTEX: Systems Thinking Powered by Graph Technology

The success of many enterprises greatly depends on their ability to gather useful information and process it in a timely manner. Automation is essential and so is presentation, giving tangible feedback, to decision makers. This is where technology reaches out to management, where science and design are combined to put the right people in the position of making better and more sustainable... Read more →

Learn how GraphAware built 7VORTEX using graph technology to analyze biology systems


GraphConnect New York Agenda: Everything You Need to Know [2017 Edition]

You already have all the reasons you should attend GraphConnect New York, and now you know who the must-see presenters will be, but now it’s time for the best reason to attend: The bottom-to-top agenda of all the keynotes, presentations and lightning talks you can attend at the United States graph technology event of the year. See the full agenda right here on or check out... Read more →

GraphConnect audience member taking notes at a presentation


Quiz: Which GraphConnect Training Should You Take? [2017 NYC Edition]

It's almost here, folks. GraphConnect New York is just around the corner, and we're likely to see you in NYC in just two weeks! Of course, some of you still haven't bought your tickets to the conference yet, so head over right now to to get yours...but wait. As your finger (or mouse) hovers over that training option you suddenly realize: ...but which Neo4j training... Read more →

GraphConnect New York Neo4j training quiz


This Week in Neo4j – 7 October 2017

Welcome to this week in Neo4j where we round up what’s been happening in the world of graph databases in the last 7 days. Featured Community Member: Michal Bachman This week’s featured community member is Michal Bachman, founder and Managing Director of Neo4j Solution Partner GraphAware. Michal Bachman - This Week's Featured Community Member Michal is... Read more →



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