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Editor’s Note: This presentation was given by Syed Haniff at GraphConnect Europe in May 2017. Presentation Summary UBS bank was relying on a data distribution model that was no longer serving its internal consumers, largely because it required its users to manually join returned data to glean any data insights. The data services team knew it had to create a platform that was simple,... Read more →
Watch Syed Haniff's presentation on how UBS used Neo4j to create a knowledge base.

#GraphCast: Graph Karaoke Featuring The Knife’s “Heartbeat”

Welcome to our new biweekly Sunday series, #GraphCast, which aims to unearth digestible, notable and just plain fun Neo4j YouTube videos (of which there are a lot). Whether we focus on some of our most popular videos or highlight a particularly solid educational piece on graph technology that may've slipped past you, #GraphCast is meant to be short, sweet and the perfect companion piece to... Read more →

GraphCast is a new Neo4j blog series featuring videos you should see.


This Week in Neo4j – Graph Modeling Tips, Full-Text Search Preview, Building a Graph App

Welcome to This Week in Neo4j where I share the most interesting things I found in our community over the last seven days. I found some excellent material including graph modeling tips from Max and Michael Simons, computing graph embeddings, building your first graph app, and a feature preview on fulltext-search. Looking through the new material each week is always insightful and I... Read more →


FOSDEM 2019: Join Us in the Graph Developer Room!

Like every year, the fall conference season is in full swing when we're already preparing for the next batch of conferences in spring 2019. We’re happy to announce that the graph processing and graph database developer room was accepted again for FOSDEM 2019. Like every year we expect a packed room for the whole day with fascinating sessions around many graph-related topics. Check out... Read more →


New Features, Now: 5-Minute Interview with Mark Hashimoto, Senior Director of Engineering, Digital Home at Comcast

"One of the most surprising things I've seen with Neo4j is the speed at which we're able to innovate and deliver features to our customers," said Mark Hashimoto, Senior Director of Engineering, Digital Home at Comcast. In this week's five-minute interview, we discuss how Comcast uses the flexibility of the graph data model to develop and launch new features rapidly using Neo4j for... Read more →

Check out this 5-minute interview with Mark Hashimoto of Digital Home at Comcast.


How Real-Time Recommendations Increase Revenues, Optimize Margins and Delight Customers [Infographic]

"You may also like" sounds simple, but there's a lot happening behind the scenes. Real-time recommendations work best when they take into account both the user's needs (what is of interest to them) and your business strategy (items you need to promote). The truly amazing thing is how real-time recommendation strategies are now being adopted by so many industries beyond retail, travel and... Read more →

Check out this infographic on the benefits of using graph technology to power real-time recommendations.


Xfinity xFi & User Personalization with Graphs

Editor’s Note: This presentation was given by Jessica Lowing at GraphConnect New York in September 2017. Presentation Summary We've come a long way towards making our homes smarter – but we still have a long way to go. Many of the tasks we want our homes to perform, such as "turn out the lights in my kid's' room," requires insight into complex semantic and social... Read more →

Jessica Lowing, Technical Product Manager at Comcast, discusses graph database technology for XFINITY xFi smart home.



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