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As a graphista, I can often be found evangelising the power of the Neo4j graph database to anyone who’ll listen. Recently, I tried to explain graph databases to my pal Armstrong. The conversation went something like this: “You see, Armstrong, graph theory started in 1736. There was this chap named Leonhard Euler, and he was trying to solve the Seven Bridges of Königsberg problem.... Read more →
Follow Armstrong has he pathfinds his way through North London

This Week in Neo4j – Why Kettle?, Pokémons in a Graph, Influencers in the Graph Community

This week Igor Rozani taught us about the pokémon universe in a fun online meetup, Andrea Santurbano showed how easy it is to produce and consume Kafka data streams in Cypher, and Tomaz Bratanic explored the Depth First Search algorithm. Elsewhere Jennifer Reif dived into the world of data import and asked why you’d use Kettle for data import, and I went extremely meta in... Read more →


Think About What You’re Building: 5-Minute Interview with Stephen O’Grady

"Always ask why," said Stephen O'Grady, Co-Founder of Redmonk. When deciding what projects to take on, developers should consider the broader context and the implications of what they’re being asked to build. So says Stephen O’Grady from Redmonk, a developer-focused industry analyst firm that tracks, among other things, the top 20 programming languages over time. In this week's... Read more →

Check out this 5-minute interview with Stephen O'Grade, Co-found of Redmonk.


Graph Technology to Fight Terrorist Threats

Editor’s Note: This presentation was given by Frederick Kagan and Sébastien Heymann at GraphConnect New York in October 2018. Presentation Summary The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) is an independently-funded nonprofit that uses unclassified information to understand ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, Africa and Europe to produce forecasts and policy recommendations. Like the... Read more →

Learn how to use Linkurious with Neo4j graph technology.


Save the Date for a Three-Day, Super-Powered GraphConnect 2020 Experience

At GraphConnect last year, we brought together developers and business leaders from around the world into a single event with 48 sessions, an executive summit, an ecosystem summit and 13 different training classes. We also had very notable keynote presenters, including Hilary Mason (Cloudera Fast Forward Labs) and Stephen O'Grady (Redmonk). It was spectacular to see how much the community... Read more →


Graphs in Government: How In-Q-Tel Brings Tech Innovation to Intelligence Agencies

The use cases for a graph database in government are endless. Graphs are versatile and dynamic. They are the key to solving the challenges you face in fulfilling your mission. Using real-world government use cases, this blog series explains how graphs solve a broad range of complex problems that can’t be solved in any other way. Last week, we took you through a case study with the... Read more →

Learn how In-Q-Tel using Neo4j to bring tech innovation to intelligence agencies.


This Week in Neo4j – Explore public contracting data with Neo4j, RDBMS to Graph Page Overhaul, Filtering Connected Dynamic Forms, Graph-Based Real Time Inventory

This week we learn how to use graphs for Real Time Inventory and Topology for Network Automation, exploring public contracting data, and filtering connected dynamic forms. There’s also an overhaul to the RDBMS to Graph page and a crash course in how to choose unique identifiers for nodes when using Neo4j-OGM and Spring Data Neo4j. Featured Community Member: Francesca... Read more →