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Get down into the details of important data from the web with Norconex and Neo4j.

Importing Data from the Web with Norconex & Neo4j

Neo4j provides many tools for importing data, such as LOAD CSV (from Cypher queries) and the neo4j-admin import tool. It is also possible to import data from many other systems like ElasticSearch, SQL databases, MongoDB, and CouchBase (using an APOC procedures plugin). Finally, ETL... read more

Learn about predictive analysis from massive knowledge graphs.

Predictive Analysis from Massive Knowledge Graphs on Neo4j

Editor’s Note: This presentation was given by David Bader at GraphConnect New York in September 2018. Presentation Summary David Bader, at the time of this talk, was a chair member at Georgia Institute of Technology of Computational Science and Engineering. In his presentation about... read more

Learn everything you need to know about Neo4j 4.0 graph database.

Introducing Neo4j Graph Database 4.0 [GA Release]

I feel particularly pleased to be able to announce the GA release of Neo4j Graph Database 4.0. I've been with the Neo4j codebase since 2009 and have to tell you: 2009 Jim Webber couldn't imagine the way 2020 Neo4j would look. “2009 me” was building a REST API (if you've ever seen... read more

Answering the Money Question: The 5-Minute Interview with Omar Azhar, Senior Manager Advanced Analytics at EY

"For a lot of our clients, being able to visualize their data is huge because they've never been able to do that," said Omar Azhar, Senior Manager Advanced Analytics at Ernst & Young . Ernst & Young has brought graph technology into the financial services realm, from back-end IT all the way to... read more

Get all the details for this year's Global Graph Celebration Day.

Calling All Nodes: Join Us for Global Graph Celebration Day – April 15, 2020!

What Is Global Graph Celebration Day? To honor Leonhard Euler, the Swiss mathematician and inventor of graph theory, the Neo4j community and graph-enthusiasts all over the world gather and host events to celebrate the day of his birth, April 15th. Last year was the first official GGCD.... read more