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Happy Global Graph Celebration Day 2021!

This is the third year we're celebrating Global Graph Celebration Day, in honor of the birthday of Swiss mathematician and inventor of graph theory, Leonhard Euler. And just like in years past, we've got a few ways for all of you graph enthusiasts to celebrate! In a recent article in The... read more

Check out some of the most standout media coverage of Neo4j in spring 2021.

Neo4j in the News – Spring Edition: Cloud, Graph Analytics, and the Next Decade of Graph

It’s exciting to think about the fact that we’ve officially put the year 2020 behind us and are already three months into 2021! While the pandemic is still around and many of us are continuing to adjust to the “new normal,” there does seem to be a possible end on the horizon. And... read more

This Week in Neo4j – Versioner Core, NODES CfP, GRANDstack CMS, GraphStuff.FM podcast,

Hello, everyone! In this week’s episode, Marco Falcier announced an update to the neo4j-versioner-core library. NODES 2021 Call for Papers ends April 5. Cristina walks through how she and Alisson migrated Neo4j’s GraphGist portal to the GRANDstack. GraphStuff.FM is now live -... read more

Leading the Global Growth of Graphs: The 5-Minute Interview with GraphAware

"Every organization in this world will have graphs, and we want to be the most trusted partner on everybody's graph journey. Our mission is to help people adopt graph technologies by sharing expertise and building tools that make it very easy," said Michal Bachman, CEO of... read more