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Check out this podcast on the Graph Databases For Dummies book.

Graphistania Podcast: Authors Discuss Graph Databases For Dummies

Rik Van Bruggen invited special guest, Dr. Jim Webber, on a Graphistania podcast session to chat about Graph Databases For Dummies, a recently published book they co-authored. Graph Databases For Dummies, Neo4j Special Edition, is the first book Rik and Jim worked on together. Prior to this... read more

Check out the Virtual Expo Space at NODES 2020.

NODES 2020 Virtual Space: Have a Peek

NODES 2020, on October 20 (pssst… that's tomorrow!), is shaping up to be epic! Along with 70+ presentations from leading graph database experts and multiple talk tracks – all content that's 100% for developers – we're also featuring a Virtual Space for our sponsors to showcase their... read more

This Week in Neo4j – Neo4j 4.0 procedure examples, Connecting your React app to Neo4j with React Hooks, New Graph Algorithms Training

Hi everyone, The NODES 2020 conference is almost upon us. It all gets underway from 8am Eastern Time on Tuesday October 20th 2020. Hope to (virtually) see you there! We’ve just finished the virtual training sessions for Neo4j Certified Professionals, so thank you to all of you... read more

The Lean-In Moment: 5-Minute Interview with Paul Westcott

"GraphTour is something that allows us to think differently. We have one-to-one sessions and we're able to collaborate, but it's nice to come to something like this and see other people and how they're using graph technology," said Paul Westcott, Product Director at Dun & Bradstreet. If company... read more

Check out this interview on Graph Database For Dummies.

5-Minute Interview: Graph Databases For Dummies with Dr. Jim Webber and Rik Van Bruggen

Recently we sat down with the authors of Graph Databases For Dummies, Neo4j Special Edition, Dr. Jim Webber and Rik Van Bruggen. Dr. Webber is Neo4j's Chief Scientist and Mr. Van Bruggen leads the Neo4j sales team in Europe, and has been doing so for eight years. This interview takes a... read more

Enroll in this course on graph algorithms today.

New GraphAcademy Course: Introduction to Graph Algorithms in Neo4j 4.0

We have added this new course to our catalog of free online courses – Introduction to Graph Algorithms in Neo4j 4.0. This course is intended for experienced Cypher developers and data scientists who want to learn the most important best practices for using the algorithms in the Graph... read more

Learn about graph data science

Insider Guide to Graph Data Science: First, a Brief Overview

What does the insider's guide to graph data science (GDS) entail? We like to think of it as all the really cool stuff in GDS that's not the algorithms – what tips and tricks GDS pros need to know. During this blog series, we'll cover a variety of topics, from memory management to... read more