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On Monday, April 15, thousands of graph enthusiasts around the world will come together to celebrate Leonhard Euler's birthday – the inventor of graph theory. With over 40 events across 5 continents – in places like São Paulo, London, San Francisco, Bengaluru, Canberra, Austin, Tokyo and more – you’re likely to find a celebration near you. Browse all events on... Read more →
Join the Global Graph Celebration Day with Neo4j.

Sentiment and Social Network Analysis

Editor’s Note: This presentation was given by Laura Drummer at GraphConnect New York in November 2017. Presentation Summary Traditional social network analysis is performed on a series of nodes and edges, generally gleaned from metadata about interactions between several actors – without actually mining the content of those interactions. By pairing this metadata with data and... Read more →

Watch Laura Drummer's presentation on how to use Neo4j for sentiment and social network analysis


Neo4j Joins GraphQL Foundation as a Founding Member

Neo4j is excited to share that we have joined the GraphQL Foundation as one of the founding members to support the evolution of GraphQL as it continues to become a standard for building APIs. You can learn more about the GraphQL Foundation here. GraphQL.org If you’re not familiar with GraphQL, it’s a modern way of building APIs – think of it as an alternative to REST. GraphQL... Read more →

Learn more about the GraphQL Foundation and building fullstack graph applications.


Graph V-Day (Graph Visualization Day) Recap

In light of February’s holiday of love (Valentine's Day), we asked our community to share the graph visualizations they loved the most. Valentine's Day became Graph Visualization Day! The response was incredible and the data visualizations were truly remarkable, and we wanted to share the love with you. Here are some of the awesome posts generated around the graph social... Read more →

Check out all who participated in Neo4j's Graph Visualization Day.


This Week in Neo4j – Link Prediction with Neo4j, Graphs for healthcare search, XRP graph, Querying Neo4j Clusters

This week was a bumper one for content in the Neo4j community. We go into the world of blockchain with an online meetup on XRP and a blog post showing how to import bitcoin into Neo4j in less than 24 hours. I started a series of posts on link prediction and wrote a post explaining the modelling decisions we made in the BBC GoodFood Graph. David Allen does a deep dive into what... Read more →


Bringing Wonder to Data: 5-Minute Interview with Weidong Yang

"It was an aha moment. Integrating our solution with Neo4j allowed us to focus on the critical things we do well, visualization and interactivity," said Weidong Yang, CEO of Kineviz. San Francisco-based Kineviz believes that working with data is often more of an art than an engineering skill, and so they use subtle artistic cues to surface complex information in high-dimensional datasets.... Read more →

Check out this interview with Weidong Yang, CEO of Kineviz.


Adding GraphXR as a Graph App in Neo4j Desktop

One of Neo4j Desktop's most exciting new features is the incorporation of Graph Apps. Many of you are likely familiar with Graph Apps from using Neo4j's in-house visualization product, Neo4j Bloom. Inspired by Bloom, Kineviz created a Graph App deployment for our own platform: GraphXR. GraphXR: Intuitive Exploration of Your Graph Data GraphXR launched in December 2018 and enables graph... Read more →

Learn more about GraphXR, which enables graph exploration in virtual reality.



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