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If you don't know anything about MariaDB – and you're reading a database blog remember – then you're the exception. In 2018, MariaDB was the second-fastest-growing relational database (behind Postgres) and is a leading example of commercially supported open source innovation in the database sector. But you knew that already. What you maybe didn't know was that the former CTO of MariaDB... Read more →
Read this interview with Ivan Zoratti, the former CTO of MariaDB, now a director on the Neo4j team

Social Power, Operational Ease: 5-Minute Interview with David Fox, Software Engineer at Adobe

"We were able to go from 48 Cassandra instances to three Neo4j instances. Going into the project, we weren't sure whether that was going to be possible," said David Fox, Software Engineer at Adobe. Adobe runs Behance, a social network where digital artists share portfolios, learn from one another and showcase their work. The activity feed is a key feature of the site, part of the home page.... Read more →

Check out this 5-minute interview with David Fox of Adobe.


Next-Gen Master Data Management Runs at the Speed of Now [Infographic]

Having a lot of data to mine from is a truly beautiful thing. But many businesses today struggle with data – especially as it grows and becomes more complex – that's stored in different data repositories, not to mention different formats and permissions. Typical types of disconnected data include customers, products, suppliers and employees – and being unable to tie that data altogether... Read more →

Check out this infographic on master data management and graph technology.


Mastering Highly Distributed Architecture

Editor’s Note: This presentation was given by Thomas Lawrence at GraphConnect New York in October 2017. Presentation Summary Amadeus is one of the largest software companies in the world. The following post explores how the company built their YAC visualizer, which is a tool that allows Amadeus to explore their highly-distributed data architecture. They were able to develop this tool... Read more →

Read Thomas Lawrence's presentation on how to use Neo4j to map highly-distributed data architectures.


Graph Algorithms in Neo4j: All Pairs Shortest Path

Graph algorithms provide the means to understand, model and predict complicated dynamics such as the flow of resources or information, the pathways through which contagions or network failures spread, and the influences on and resiliency of groups. This blog series is designed to help you better utilize graph analytics and graph algorithms so you can effectively innovate and develop... Read more →

Learn more about All Pairs Shortest Path graph algorithm in Neo4j.


#GraphCast: Bandersnatch Edition

Welcome to this week's #GraphCast – our new series featuring what you might have missed on the Neo4j YouTube channel. Last week, our Editor-in-Chief, Bryce Merkl Sasaki, decided to get geeked on graph theory proof of Euler's formula, which highlights the incredible math that underlies all graph technology. Undeniably very cool stuff, even if my addled writer brain commonly fails to process... Read more →

Catch this week's GraphCast: Bandersnatch Edition featuring decision trees.


This Week in Neo4j – Anti-Money Laundering Investigation, Replicating The GitHub GraphQL API, Getting Started with machine learning on graphs

Happy New Year everybody, and welcome to our first version of TWIN4j of 2019. I’d only just got used to writing the year as 2018! This is traditionally a quiet week, but we’ve still got some good stuff for you to read and listen to. I always enjoy Joe Depeau’s webinars and he’s produced another one showing how to use Neo4j for Anti-Money laundering. David Mack... Read more →



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