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Learn about Neo4j Aura Enterprise

Introducing Neo4j Aura Enterprise [GA Release]

If you've spent some time getting to know Neo4j, then you know one of our ongoing adages is "graphs are everywhere." It's true. Graphs are increasingly ubiquitous in intelligent applications, with widespread excitement at their power to harness and connect data in powerful ways. Today,... read more

Energy leader Enel X uses Neo4j for IoT

Mapping IoT to the Graph: 5-Minute Interview with Per Gyllstrom

"If you think about IoT and the hierarchical structure of how IoT works, it's a natural mapping to a graph database. We previously used relational databases, but in a graph, all the relationships are compiled so it's a lot faster and more natural to navigate and use," said Per Gyllstrom,... read more

Check out the latest free online training courses to master Neo4j 4.x and become a certified graph database professional.

Announcing New Introduction to Neo4j 4.x Online Training Courses!

We have reorganized our Introduction to Neo4j course into multiple courses and we just published them on our GraphAcademy site. We have found that some users simply want an overview of Neo4j without needing to learn how to write Cypher statements. Other users want to learn how to query the... read more

Graph Data Platforms: Collections vs. Connections

You may have heard that graph database technology underpins the latest in machine learning and AI. But what are graph data platforms and why are they rapidly becoming the first choice for application development? Can a shift in database technology really make a big difference? In this second... read more

This Week in Neo4j – The MET Art Collections, Neo4j Path Through the Christmas Holidays, Decoding Covid-19 tweets using NLP and Neo4j

Hi graphistas, Welcome to the first version of TWIN4j for 2021. Our video this week is an interview with Emil Eifrem about the FinCEN Files investigation. Antonin Smid explores The MET Art Collection, Dan Flavin builds a Christmas Tree using Cypher, and Sebastian Daschner... read more