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Discover the top 10 moments and big announcements from the Neo4j graph community in the last decade

A *Decade* of Graphs: Neo4j’s Top 10 Biggest Moments of the 2010s

It's a story too good not to tell: When you take a look back at everything that's happened in the Neo4j community over the past 10 years, it's amazing to see how far we've come. What the decade began, Neo4j was a small, shy, open source community clustered around a bunch of alpha geeks... read more

Here are the 2019 graph happenings, including Neo4j Aura’s launch and the NODES online conference.

A Year in Review: Neo4j’s Top 9 Biggest News & Announcements of 2019

Is it a little over the top to say that 2019 was an historic year for the graph technology space? I don’t think so! Even in the fast-paced and ever-evolving tech world, there were a few moments that seemed to shape the trajectory of the graph database industry in 2019 and into the... read more

You don’t want to miss these seven videos highlighting major Neo4j moments from the past year.

The Top 7 Neo4j Videos of 2019

In lieu of our bi-weekly #GraphCast, we thought we would share some of the best Neo4j videos from 2019. Consider this an almost-New Year’s Eve celebration of all things video. (No order or favorites here. Just cool videos in a random order!) Here are the some of the must-watch videos from... read more

Catch up on all of the best episodes and interviews from the Neo4j Graphistania podcast during 2019

The Top 5 Neo4j Podcasts of 2019

If you've never heard of the Graphistania podcast – hosted by Neo4j's very own Rik Van Bruggen – you've been missing out. In the course of the Graphistania podcast, Rik has interviewed some of the most interesting and innovative graph thinkers and practitioners across the globe. 2019 was... read more

Check out the top blogs published on Neo4j in 2019.

8 Awesome Neo4j Blogs from 2019

Oh hai. My name is Jocelyn Hoppa, Managing Editor here at Neo4j. One of my main duties is to keep up with the daily blog slog, and let me tell you: The 2019 graph database space kept me busy. So yes, what are the best Neo4j blogs of this past year? Our bylines cast a wide net... read more

This Week in Neo4j – SDN-RX, Kafka, Bloom, Flight Search, Visualizing with GraphXR, Music Connections, Graph Versioning

Hello my fellow graph fans, We’re almost at winter solstice and all the other celebrations commencing these weeks. To give you some material to have fun with during that time, this weeks issue is pretty packed. In this week’s video from the NODES 2019 conference, Gerrit... read more