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Editor’s Note: This presentation was given by Andrew Chappell at GraphConnect San Francisco in October 2016. Here’s a quick review of what he covered: What is a decoder ring, and why do you need one? The power of hierarchy management… Learn More →

This Week in Neo4j – 13 May 2017

Welcome to this week in Neo4j where we round up what’s been happening in the world of graph databases in the last 7 days. Featured Community Member: Luanne Misquitta This week’s featured community member is Luanne Misquitta, Principal Consultant at Neo4j Solutions Partner GraphAware. Luanne is one of the earliest Neo4j community members and has been using... Read more →


Apply Today: The Neo4j Connected Data Fellowship at Pulitzer Prize-winning ICIJ

Neo4j's CEO, Emil Eifrem, recently blogged about a data journalism fellowship to compliment our Data Journalism Accelerator Program. Yesterday, at the GraphConnect Europe conference, Emil announced additional details on the Fellowship and invited the data journalism community to apply. Neo4j & ICIJ Partner Again We've decided that the Neo4j Connected Data Fellowship will be most valuable... Read more →

Learn how to apply for the new Neo4j Connected Data Fellowship to work with the prize-winning ICIJ


Neo4j 3.2 GA Release: Enterprise Scale, Native Performance & More

We are proud to announce the general availability release of Neo4j 3.2. This release marks an expansion in global scale, enterprise refinement and all-around performance. It signals that the next generation of graph-powered Internet applications will span the globe. To this end, the themes behind Neo4j 3.2 are Internet-scale for global applications, enterprise governance and security, and... Read more →

Learn all about what's new in Neo4j 3.2, including enterprise scale, native graph performance and production governance


Announcing Neo4j in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace (Part I)

We are excited to announce the availability of Neo4j in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Neo4j is a native graph database that stores data as graphs rather than in tables so you can traverse any depth of data in real time and get your queries executed in milliseconds instead of minutes (or hours!). Using the combined power of the world’s leading graph database (that’s Neo4j) and the... Read more →

Learn more about finding Neo4j in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace & deploying it to the public cloud


Detecting Fake News with Neo4j & KeyLines

Fake news is one of the more troubling trends of 2017. The term is liberally applied to discredit everything, from stories with perceived bias through to ‘alternative facts’ and downright lies. It has a warping effect on public opinion and spreads misinformation. Fake news is nothing new – bad journalism and propaganda have always existed – but what is new is its ability to spread... Read more →

Learn how to use KeyLines and Neo4j to detect fake news on social media through graph visualization


Join Us for the GraphHack at GraphConnect Europe [2017]

It’s that time of year again for the biggest (and best) graph database hackathon in this or any other parallel universe: The GraphHack. This year’s event takes place at CodeNode London on GraphConnect Eve (10th May 2017). The hackathon will center around the theme of data journalism, including datasets from the land registry, Brexit, fake news, the Panama Papers, OpenCorporates, the... Read more →

Sign up for the GraphConnect Europe Data Journalism Hackathon happening in London on 6th May 2017



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