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Using a Hybrid Technique to Detect Illicit Activities in Shell Companies

Editor's note: This presentation was given by Milind Tiwari at NODES 2021. Shell companies are entities with low or no physical presence and economic values, used for legal purposes, such as reverse merger, to facilitate in foreign operations, or even to hold real estate properties. However,... read more

The daily life of Twitter troll

Revealing the Life of a Twitter Troll with Visual Timeline Analytics

Editor's note: This presentation was given by Katerina Baousi at NODES 2021. Don't you ever wonder what the daily life of a Twitter troll looks like? Using Neo4j, I was able to build an application that reveals it. I'm going to introduce you to a different way to visualize your graphs, going... read more

Patrick Pichette Joins Neo4j Board of Directors

Please Welcome Patrick Pichette – Inovia Partner, Former CFO at Google, and Current Twitter Board Chair – to the Neo4j Board

It is my pleasure to announce that Patrick Pichette has joined the Neo4j Board of Directors. Patrick is a partner at Inovia Capital, former CFO at Google, and currently the Board Chair at Twitter – to say his experience and leadership is a phenomenal fit at Neo4j is an understatement.... read more

This Week in Neo4j – AuraDB Free, Spark Connector Updates, KNIME Integration, and More…​

Hey everyone! I’m Adam and I work on the education side of the Dev Rel team at Neo4j, mainly focusing on GraphAcademy. I don’t know about you, but I always find that the week the clocks fall back in Europe plays havoc with my schedule, especially with the regular meetings... read more

How a graph becomes a knowledge graph

From Graph to Knowledge Graph: How a Graph Becomes a Knowledge Graph

Unleashing the power of knowledge is imperative for enterprises looking for a competitive edge. Everyone wants to capture knowledge, to connect everything that they know. However, turning data into knowledge is still very much an ongoing effort – though progress has been made, most data... read more

Jim Webber with Matt Cloyd: The Power of Graph in Conflict Resolution

At this year’s NODES event, Jim Webber – Neo4j’s Chief Architect and CTO – wrapped up the day with an enthralling series of interviews with customers and community members. His keynote showcased the stories of four different Neo4j users, each of whom had their own unique path to... read more