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A great graph database use case that is starting to emerge is the use of graph technology as a way to better support the police and other law enforcement officials, which also has applications for other security and investigative use… Read more →
Learn how law enforcement officials are effectively using a POLE data model with graph technology

Meet SemSpect: A Different Approach to Graph Visualization [Community Post]

Understanding large graphs is challenging. Sure, a proper Cypher query can retrieve valuable information. But how do you find the pivotal queries when the structure of your graph is not known? In this post, I discuss SemSpect – a tool that makes use of a visualization paradigm that allows you to ad hoc visualize and interactively query large graphs to understand, analyze and track your... Read more →

Learn all about SemSpect, a new tool for intuitive graph visualization compatible with Neo4j


Neo4j as a Critical Aspect of Human Capital Management (HCM)

Editor’s Note: This presentation was given by Luanne Misquitta at GraphConnect Europe in May 2017. Presentation Summary In this presentation, Luanne Misquitta shares her facility for engaging with the challenges of human capital management (HCM) in contemporary organizations using graph technology. She describes the the evolution of HCM and how contemporary organizations are made up... Read more →

Learn how Neo4j plays an essential role in making your human capital management (HCM) more effective


Neo4j on All the Swag: The GraphGear Store Is Here! [+Get a $10 Discount]

A lot of folks in our community ask us about Neo4j swag. They are excited when they receive it, and they wear it often and with pride. Totally excited to wear my new @neo4j shirt! It arrived Saturday, just in time for my birthday! pic.twitter.com/Z6Gl4oBFRi— Jeffrey A. Miller (@xagronaut) April 2, 2018 We took a moment and thought: Why do people love Neo4j swag so much? and came to... Read more →

Learn about the new GraphGear store that has all of the Neo4j swag you could ever, ever want (ever)


Graph Algorithms in Neo4j: How Connections Drive Discoveries

Graph algorithms are the powerhouse behind the analysis of real-world networks — from identifying fraud rings and optimizing the location of public services to evaluating the strength of a group and predicting the spread of disease or ideas. In this series on graph algorithms, we’ll discuss the value of graph algorithm and what they can do for you. This week, we'll take a look at how... Read more →

Learn how to drive discoveries in connected data using graph algorithms in the Neo4j Graph Platform


A BIG Thank You to the Neo4j Community! [GraphTour Update]

Graph love is going global, and we've taken note. That's why this year, instead of one centralized conference in Europe, we went on tour to eight cities across Europe and the Middle East. While eight one-day events in eight cities may seem like a lot, we just weren't satisfied. We wanted to do more. That's where the Neo4j community (you!) came in, helping us to organize the community... Read more →

Learn how awesome the Neo4j community was (and is) during the EMEA GraphTour in 2018


Introducing the New Blazing-Fast Query Optimizer for Neo4j

SAN MATEO, Calif. – APRIL 1, 2017 – As a strong kickoff to the second quarter of 2018, Neo4j, Inc. is officially announcing a new, faster-than-ever Cypher query optimizer as part of the Neo4j Graph Platform. The new query optimizer far exceeds the performance of the old rule-based planner and the more recent cost-based planner (nicknamed "Ronja") for Cypher queries of any length or... Read more →

If you're reading this about Neo4j, then you've been fooled. Happy April Fools' Day 2018!


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