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Last week, in part two of our series Toward AI Solutions, we explore graph technology as the fabric for AI context: "More recently, graph technologies have been increasingly integrated with machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions. These applications include using connections to predict with better accuracy, to make decisions with more flexibility, to track verifiable data... Read more →
Discover how graph technology makes AI more robust.

Deciphering Product DNA: Next-Level PDM with AI & Knowledge Graphs

Increasingly complex products undoubtedly require greater management of components, function and data. Classic product data management (PDM) has long reach its limits in this respect. Breaking down product DNA is now driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and knowledge graphs. In order to truly understand the complexity of current products, it's worth taking a look at one of the most... Read more →

Level up your product data management with AI and knowledge graphs.


Toward AI Standards: Graph Technology as a Fabric for Context

Last week, part one of our "Toward AI Standards" blog series set the stage for defining what responsible artificial intelligence is and how graph technology provides the necessary context to make deeply informed decisions based on intelligent data. In this week's installment, we further break down graph technology as a natural fit for AI and machine learning projects across any... Read more →

Learn more about moving towards AI standards with graph technology.


This Week in Neo4j – Perspectives in Bloom, Choosing Kubernetes for Neo4j Cloud, Calculating TF-IDF scores in Neo4j

This week Anurag Tandon has started a series of videos on Neo4j Bloom, the graph visualisation too, and Adam Cowley shows us how to text analytics with Neo4j and Cypher. We also learn about the technology behind the upcoming Neo4j Cloud, and there are new project pages for the recently launched Neo4j Labs. Featured Community Members: Jennifer Reif Our featured community members... Read more →


#GraphCast: Intro to Graph Databases

Welcome to this week's #GraphCast – our series featuring what you might have missed in Neo4j media from the past fortnight. Last week, our Managing Editor, Jocelyn Hoppa, showcased a video explaining Swedish Midsummer, a holiday that lies close in our company's sappy Swedish soul (though people's fondness of the holiday might be correlated with their immense consumption of barbeque, beer and... Read more →

Learn how to become a graphista in no time by binging our video series, Intro to Graph Databases


Graph-Based, Real-Time Inventory & Topology for Network Automation [Video]

When building a network automation solution, one of the first steps on your journey is creating a source of truth for your network inventory and topology. For more videos like this one, check out upcoming and on-demand video content in the Neo4j Webinar library. A graph technology platform like Neo4j – which provides a rich, accurate and timely representation of your network – is... Read more →

Watch this webinar on how Neo4j's graph platform improves the representation of network automation


Liberating Knowledge: Machine Learning Techniques with Neo4j

Editor’s Note: This presentation was given by Rob Schley, Dr. Alessandro Negro and Christophe Willemsen at GraphConnect New York City in September 2018 Presentation Summary Following a brief philosophical background by Rob Schley, we dive into Hume's core by exploring their process behind turning data into real wisdom that inspires quantifiable change. Dr. Alessandro Negro explains the... Read more →

Dive into the core of Hume and see how we leverage graph analysis and AI capabilities.