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Announcing Neo4j Graph Data Science 2.3

As Neo4j Graph Data Science approaches year three, we're excited to announce Graph Data Science 2.3, which includes new algorithms, a new graph embedding, and other performance and integration improvements that augment the ease and speed you conduct your analytics. Our goal is to continue... read more

Graph Databases for Beginners: Why Graph Technology Is the Future

The world of graph technology has changed (and is still changing), so we're rebooting our "Graph Databases for Beginners" series to reflect what's new in the world of graph tech – while also helping newcomers catch up to speed with the graph paradigm. So you’ve heard about graph... read more

The Visual Simplicity of Graph: The 5-Minute Interview With Folks From Fractal 5

"Everything is a graph. So because of the advances Neo4j has made in the speed and adoption of more data – and more mature data – everyone else can leverage those developments in regards to graph neural networks and such. And that lends itself to a better world altogether," Bjartur Hjaltason,... read more

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This Week in Neo4j: Website Analysis, Conversational AI, Graph Machine Learning, Facial Recognition, Graph Tutorial, and More

In this week's newsletter, you can read about constructing a real-time interactive conversational AI system. Antonio Origlia describes how graphs make it possible to cross-reference encyclopedic knowledge and dialogue corpora, representing both the domain knowledge and the way people... read more

Standard Chartered: Threat Intelligence Using Knowledge Graphs

Editor's Note: This presentation was given by Hemanth Prabakaran at a GraphSummit 2022. During Neo4j’s inaugural GraphSummit, we had the pleasure of hosting partners and customers to share insights and stories behind their connected data experiences. We will be featuring more of them in this... read more

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This Week in Neo4j: HealthECCO, Graph Algorithms in Rust, Nobel Prize, AWS Lambda, Python, IntelliJ, and More

Welcome to this year's first newsletter! Here are some of this week's highlights: In "Create Dynamic Serverless Applications with Neo4j Graph Database and AWS Lambda,” you’ll learn to populate front-end applications with connected data. In the article "Extracting insights from HealthECCO... read more

Neo4j Recognized for the First Time in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Cloud Database Management Systems

It’s the first time that Neo4j – or any native graph vendor – has been included in the report. And this is just the beginning. We’re thrilled to announce that Neo4j has been recognized in the 2022 Gartner®️ Magic Quadrant™️ for Cloud DBMS and the first time that native graph... read more