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Nur Aini Rakhmawati

This Week in Neo4j: GraphQL, Vercel, Next.js, Bloom, Embeddings, Neo4j Desktop, Spring Data, Workshops, and More

In this week's newsletter, check out "Full Stack GraphQL With Next.js, Neo4j AuraDB And Vercel," which serves as an additional chapter of sorts to William Lyon's book Full Stack GraphQL Applications on using GraphQL, React.js, and Neo4j. Also, try a quick tutorial on a new feature in Bloom to... read more

Announcing the Newest Neo4j and AWS Partner Solution

We are excited to announce the latest iteration of Neo4j’s Partner Solution for AWS. AWS Partner Solutions (formerly known as AWS Quick Start) are pre-configured reference deployments that work seamlessly with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and follow AWS’s recommended design practices. They... read more

Breaking out of Data Jail: How Arcurve Better Serves Its Clients with Neo4j Graph Data Science

One of North America’s leading technology services companies, Arcurve, works tirelessly to help clients solve their most challenging problems across industries like energy, technology, finance, and government. Arcurve prioritizes cutting-edge data science and machine learning advancements... read more

This Week in Neo4j: Workshops, GPT-3, Graph Data Science Book, Bayesian KG, and More!

We are announcing a new series of workshops in March and April! On March 15, there's Intro to Neo4j, a hands-on introduction. On March 22, don't miss Intermediate Cypher Data Modeling and Importing Data, where you can learn more advanced Cypher functionality. On March 29, in Building a Routing... read more

This Week in Neo4j: Graph Data Science 2.3 Release, GraphGPT, New Courses, Recommendation Engine, Selling KGs to Execs, and More!

Graph Data Science 2.3 was just released! Check out the new features like the Minimum Directed Steiner Tree, super useful for understanding the shortest or least expensive routes when travelling from multiple locations to a specific destination. Or HashGNN, where, instead of doing neural... read more

Fight Cybercrime With Bloom: The 5-Minute Interview With Bertrand Provost

"I was amazed by the quality of Bloom and the ability to travel the graph. It makes for quite a clear and user-friendly display," says Bertrand Provost, Senior Data Scientist at La Poste. Meet Bertrand Provost, a Senior Data Scientist at Le Groupe La Poste, a company that operates... read more