GraphConnect SF Presenter Polyvore Featured in Fast Company

polyvore-for-e-commerce-brands.jpgPolyvore is revolutionizing e-commerce. With their user-generated sets of products providing recommendations to other users, Polyvore is changing the way online shoppers discover new products.

Scott Bonneau, Polyvore’s VP of Engineering, recently discussed the company’s ability to maintain company culture even while scaling up at an unprecedented pace in an article on

He believes that Polyvore’s commitment to agile technologies and small teams of adaptable engineers is what has allowed the company to remain on its toes in an incredibly fast-paced industry. “Small teams of strong engineers can (and should!) move really fast,” Scott says. “They know when to invest in robustness and when to cut corners, and often achieve almost a mind-meld state, where everyone just knows what everyone else is up to.” Scott will present how Polyvore uses Neo4j at GraphConnect 2014 San Francisco on October 22. Registration and more information for GraphConnect is available at Click here to read the full article on