The Rise of Graph Marketing

Beehaus: The Graph Marketing Agency

What do bees and marketing have in common?

It’s all about connections.

Marketing professionals and executives have a lot to learn from a beehive, says CEO of Beehaus co-founder Jeremi Karnell. Connections and networks drive the spread of information in a beehive, like in our highly connected world. By improving the spread of information through networks, marketers can harness the power of our world’s inherent graph and make better use of the information they are given. In this video from GraphConnect 2013, Karnell explains the parallel between marketing and the natural world, and introduces the concept of Graph Marketing. Marketers are increasingly turning to graph databases to power their analytics. Last week, Pitney Bowes and Forrester Research teamed up to publish an article highlighting the power of the graph database to improve marketing intelligence. “You can look at your data from any angle. You can see the relationships. You can ask questions and get deeper insights,” says Michele Goetz, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. Read more about how graphs power business intelligence and analytics on To register for the world’s only conference focusing on the expanding world of Graph Databases, go to GraphConnect 2014 will be held on October 22 in San Francisco and will feature speakers from CrunchBase, eBay, ConocoPhillips, Elementum, Polyvore and more. Want to learn more about graph databases? Click below to get your free copy of O’Reilly’s Graph Databases ebook and discover how to use graph technologies for your application today. Download My Ebook