A BIG Thank You to the Neo4j Community! [GraphTour Update]

Learn how awesome the Neo4j community was (and is) during the EMEA GraphTour in 2018Graph love is going global, and we’ve taken note.

That’s why this year, instead of one centralized conference in Europe, we went on tour to eight cities across Europe and the Middle East.

While eight one-day events in eight cities may seem like a lot, we just weren’t satisfied. We wanted to do more. That’s where the Neo4j community (you!) came in, helping us to organize the community GraphTour!

How the Neo4j Community Stepped Up

Luckily for us, the Neo4j community shares our passion and enthusiasm for changing the world through graph technology. And, because our community lives in every city in the entire world (and because they’re awesome) they took the opportunity to organize a Neo4j Community GraphTour on their own. The response was astounding!

Across all the countries in the world – all the different languages, cultures, ideas, and people – there’s one thing that undoubtable connects us: our love for graphs. We received over 60 submissions in over 24 different cities of individuals who wanted to be involved in the Neo4j Community GraphTour – from students and researchers, developers and architects, CTOs and CEOs, and more!

Here are all of the European & Middle Eastern cities where a Neo4j Community GraphTour happened (or will happen very soon):

Check out all of the cities where the Neo4j community planned events in conjuctions with the GraphTour in Europe and the Middle East

While the Neo4j team was available to help with guidance and support, the organization of these events was in the hands of the community. From finding the venue, scheduling the speakers, preparing the talks, ordering food, publishing and promoting the event – it was all managed by the Neo4j community.

Our Biggest Thank You!

We know how much work it is to organize events like this, and we want to extend our deepest gratitude for all our community members who volunteer their time and energy to contribute, teach and lead others to make the Neo4j community stronger.

All combined, your enthusiasm for graph database made the Community GraphTour events so successful. We take off our hats and thank you, Neo4j community!

It’s because of people like you that (graphs)-[:ARE]->(everywhere).

Karin Wolok, for the Neo4j team

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