The Top 7 Neo4j Videos of 2019

You don’t want to miss these seven videos highlighting major Neo4j moments from the past year.

In lieu of our bi-weekly #GraphCast, we thought we would share some of the best Neo4j videos from 2019. Consider this an almost-New Year’s Eve celebration of all things video. (No order or favorites here. Just cool videos in a random order!)

Here are the some of the must-watch videos from 2019:

Emil Eifrem’s NODES Keynote

Neo4j CEO and Co-Founder Emil Eifrem opened the first-ever Neo4j Online Developer Expo and Summit (NODES) by welcoming attendees and sharing a special announcement – the impending launch of Neo4j AuraDB! (launched later in November 2019) He also discussed the state of the graph space and his philosophy on developer adoption.

How Lyft Drives Data Discovery

This interview with Mark Grover, Product Manager at Lyft, explores how graph technology powers their data discovery and metadata engine, Amundsen. Watch the video to find out how Neo4j works as the backend data source for data discovery.

Responsible AI with Amy Hodler

On a recent GraphTour stop, Amy Hodler, Analytics & AI Program Manager at Neo4j, breaks down the real-world implications of irresponsible AI and why we need context to create a responsible AI environment that is absent of myths, bias, inappropriateness and more.

How Graph Technology Powers Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s Scientific Research Project

Meta, a Chan Zuckerberg Science Initiative project, is designed to help users explore scientific research as it evolves in real-time. Using machine learning, Meta quickly analyzes, connects and organizes millions of scientific articles, making research easier than ever. This webinar discusses the knowledge graph powering Meta, and how this technology connects data.

Agile Open Source Intelligence: 5-Minute Interview with Frederick Kagan

The Critical Threats Project does open source intelligence, mining the internet and social media to produce intelligence analysis based on a rigorously cultivated dataset. This five-minute interview explores why Frederick Kagan, Director of the Critical Threats Project at the American Enterprise Institute, chose Neo4j as the backbone for its intelligence analytics.

Running Neo4j in Multi-Data Center Environments

In this very short overview Neo4j Chief Scientist Dr. Jim Webber shares his insights on why the team built support for multi-data center Neo4j clusters and multi-cluster deployments. He also talks about the high-level guarantees provided by the implementation, how server groups and read replicas work, and language driver support for these architectures.

Building a Knowledge Graph for the International Space Station

Graphs in space!

In this video, David Meza, Chief Knowledge Architect at NASA, talks about how a knowledge graph was built to optimize the International Space Station. Since the completion of the ISS, NASA has been collecting data from astronauts about their experiences on board the space station. To untangle that vast amount of data and make sense of the feedback, NASA created a knowledge graph.

Well, that’s a wrap for 2019. Look out videos, webinars, GraphTalks, #GraphCasts and more in the upcoming year!

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