This Week in Neo4j: Big Data ETL, GNNs, Property Graph Data Models, Cypher Tutorial, and More

Welcome to this week’s newsletter! Soothe your ETL hunger with “Ingesting Big Data into Neo4j”. Fahran Wallace and team have really gone the distance with this project so that you can benefit from their insights at every step. On another note, how do you store and transport a property graph data model? That’s the problem Michael Simons and team solved by introspecting the database and creating a JSON response that validates against a JSON schema. Read all about it in “Describing a Property Graph Data Model”.”

Then, in the April episode of GraphStuff.FM, Alison Cossette explains the new release of Graphy McGraphface, a new tool that will make your data analysis a breeze. Don’t miss it!

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Sefik Serengil has extensive experience in information technology, services, data science, and machine learning. He is skilled in Python, Java, Scala, Oracle, Hadoop, and IBM DB2 and earned his MSc in Computer Science from Galatasaray University. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

In his NODES 2022 presentation, “DeepFace Recognition With Neo4j,” he explores how to use Neo4j graph database for facial recognition analysis using DeepFace. Watch his talk!

DATA SCIENCE: Enhancing Word Embedding With Graph Neural Networks
Tomaz Bratanic, Freelance Data Analyst and Engineer, demonstrates how graph neural networks capture and encode the relationships between data points and enhance document classification accuracy. In this tutorial, you will train two models to predict a Medium article’s tags.
GRAPH: Describing a Property Graph Data Model
Application data models imply database schemas. So, how do you create a JSON schema for storing and transporting a property graph data model? Michael Simons describes the JSON Schema project that introspects the database it is called on and creates a JSON response that validates against a JSON schema.
NODES 2022: Neo4j With Docker and Docker Compose Deep Dive

In this NODES 2022 presentation, Christophe Willemsen goes over using Neo4j with Docker and Docker compose, presenting tips and tricks on basic usage, an explanation of the Docker image itself, backups, and restoring and building custom images extending the official Neo4j image.

CYPHER TUTORIAL: Getting Started With a Graph Database and Its Query Language

This is part 3 of Julian West’s 4-part series on graph databases and Neo4j. Take a look at this article or the entire series starting from part 1, “A revolution in modeling the real world,” to a full data-management solution in part 4, “Using Schema in Graph Databases”.”

DATA: Ingesting Big Data Into Neo4j

Check out this final part of Ebru Cucen and Fahran Wallace’s blog series, which discusses their experience ingesting 400 million nodes and a billion relationships into Neo4j.

SKILL-A-THON 1.0: Team OSL Submission

The team built a recommendation engine that integrates Beckn Protocol through the custom BAP. The engine uses user behavior to suggest relevant mentors or sessions even if the user didn’t explicitly search for them.

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