This Week in Neo4j: ChatGPT 4, OpenSanctions, CloudQuery, Twitter Data, Neo4j 5 APOC, and More

Here are a couple of highlights from this week’s content roundup.

There’s a tutorial by Sofia Vei and team analyzing Twitter data with nicely reusable Python utility functions that make the project useful for anyone doing similar ETL work. They do analysis in NEuler, the Graph Data Science Playground, and fancy visualization in GraphXR, both apps available in Neo4j Desktop.

Then, check out Tomaz Bratanic’s blog to make better use of chatbots. He uses a GPT-4 endpoint to generate Cypher, while the answers are generated with the gpt-3.5-turbo model based on the information from the database. All code is available on GitHub.

Yolande Poirier


Christophe Willemsen is CTO at GraphAware. He joined the Neo4j Community in 2012 and has been active on Stackoverflow and Neo4j forums ever since. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

In his NODES 2022 presentation, he uses Neo4j with Docker and Docker compose, presenting tips and tricks on basic usage, an explanation of the Docker image itself, backups and restore and building custom images extending the official Neo4j image.. Watch his talk!

CHATGPT-4: Context-Aware Knowledge Graph Chatbot With GPT-4 and Neo4j
Tomaz Bratanic’s model sends the prompt and the dialogue history to GPT-4 endpoint to generate a Cypher statement. The returned Cypher statements are used to query the database to avoid chatbot hallucinations.
OPENSANCTIONS: An Open-Source Project About Financial Restrictions
Friedrich Lindenberg joins Alexander Erdl to discuss investigative journalism and showcase his project OpenSanctions. Together with OpenOwnership, which tracks company ownership registrations, the dataset is interesting to both investigative journalists and law enforcement.
NEO4J LIVE: CloudQuery

CloudQuery added support for Neo4j to help solve such varied use cases as security, infrastructure, engineering, and support. Jason Kao uses CloudQuery to sync AWS infrastructure data into Neo4j for Attack Surface Management and Graph Visualization.

A HANDS-ON TUTORIAL: Unlocking Insights From Twitter Data With Neo4j

Learn how to analyze Twitter data using the Neo4j graph database and Python in this tutorial by Michalis Charatzoglou, Maria Liatsikou & Sofia Vei. Follow along as they present Python methods that generate lists of dictionaries representing nodes and relationships to populate Neo4j.

NEO4J v.5: What Happened With APOC?

Tomaz Bratanic breaks down the new distinction between the two editions of APOC as of Neo4j v5. APOC Core contains battle-hardened procedures and functions with no external dependencies, while the extended edition contains additional procedures that might require external dependencies and are not officially supported.

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