This Week in Neo4j: Code Golf, GNNs, Knowledge Graph from A to Z, Link Prediction, and More

We are excited to announce Neo4j Code Golf, a Cypher coding contest with prizes totaling $27,000! Focused on optimizing code for performance, participants will write short Cypher queries to reduce time and resources, eventually leading to faster and more efficient queries. The fewer the characters in the query, and the lower the db hits, the higher you are placed in the leaderboard. Enter as a beginner, immediate, or advanced golfer and submit as many entries as you like in the Code Golf challenge. Start golfing.

Yolande Poirier

P.S.: You are invited to attend local GraphSummits in EMEA and APAC. To get a better understanding of what you can expect to achieve at one of these events, read Eva Delier’s blog. After the one-day events, some of the cities – such as London, Singapore, Bangalore, Sydney, Melbourne and Tel Aviv – are hosting evening meetups. This is your chance to get together! Find a local event here .

Ghlen has a passion for web development and graph databases, and he is a prolific member of the PHP community. He is involved in a number of projects related to PHP on GitHub and is a top contributor to the Neo4j PHP client and driver. Along with Florent Biville, he ran an eight-part series diving into the Neo4j PHP Client. Ghlen is, of course, a Ninja – a Neo4j-recognized community contributor. For anything related to PHP, web development, and graphs, reach out to him on LinkedIn. He is always open to a chat. Big kudos to Ghlen!

MACHINE LEARNING: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Graphs
Daniel Szemerey and Mark Aron Szulyovszky discuss the advantages of graph as a data structure and why it can be useful to run ML algorithms on graphs. They also give us a glimpse into how to inject human expert knowledge into machine learning systems.
KNOWLEDGE GRAPH: Graphs Are Everywhere, Also in Religious Texts
In this thoughtful series, Rik Van Bruggen explores religious texts and commentary through graph technology. He installs the NEuler no code Graph Data Science playground and extracts some fascinating results from a database of Hadith narrators.
GRAPHSUMMIT: Berlin GraphDB Meetup

GraphSummit events are in full swing! At GraphSummit Berlin, Michael Hunger explores a fun dataset with AuraDB Free, and Thorsten Liebig reveals the treasures in large graphs like the Panama Papers.

GRAPH ANALYTICS: Relationship (Link) Prediction in Graphs Using Neo4j

In this final installment of his graph analytics blog series, Mehul Gupta applies algorithms from Graph Data Science to determine future relationships in a network.

FOR BEGINNERS: Trying My Hands on Neo4j With Some IoT Data

In this tutorial, Shakir runs Cypher queries from the Neo4j Sandbox on a database of IOT edge devices, and explores some key graph database concepts along the way.

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… Of Special Interest

    • Matthew Williams has just published cypher-template-strings to npm. With these new Postgres utilities, he can now construct queries with much less friction. Very cool project!
    • Thomas Larsen looked into a customer with unusual behavior. As a result, he gives us a four-step process to investigate unusual patterns in this tweet.
    • GraphSummit is in full swing and may be coming to a town near you. Check out the tour’s upcoming locations in EMEA and APAC. It’s a great opportunity to get together and connect!