This Week in Neo4j – Exploring large Knowledge Graphs, Analysing YouTube videos using NLP techniques, Data Modelling for beginners

Welcome to this week in Neo4j where we round up what’s been happening in the world of graph databases in the last 7 days.

This week we have a tool for exploring large Knowledge Graphs, analysing YouTube videos using NLP techniques, multiple linear regression on graphs, data modelling for beginners, and tips for using Neo4j SDN and OGM.

This week’s featured community member is Michael McKenzie, Project Engineer at Encompass, Inc.

Michael McKenzie – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Michael is a relatively new, but extremely enthusiastic, member of the Neo4j community, and after powering through all the online content, he realised that he wanted to find some other people to talk graphs with in real life.

With some encouragement from our equally enthusiastic colleague Karin, Michael agreed to take over the Neo4j D.C.-area meetup group and ran his first event a couple of weeks ago. He wrote an experience report about it on the Neo4j blog this week.

On behalf of the Neo4j community, welcome Michael, and good luck with your future meetup events!

If you’d like to follow in Michael’s footsteps and get more involved with the community, we’ve recently launched the Neo4j Community Maven program.

Online Meetup: Exploring large Knowledge Graphs with MetaExp

This week on the online meetup Sebastian Bischoff and Fabian Stolp presented MetaExp, a system they built that assists the user during the exploration of large knowledge graphs, given two sets of initial nodes.

You can find the slides from the talk and a paper describing their work in more detail. As part of the project they also wrote the Random Walk algorithm, which was recently added to the Graph Algorithms library.

Certification Tips, Visual Graph Editor, Approximate Betweenness Centrality

Graph Databases for Beginners

This week we have some good resources for beginners to get started with Neo4j and graph databases.

My colleague Bryce has written a blog post in which he takes us through the modeling decisions you might have to make if you were designing a graph for an email fraud detection application and explains common pitfalls that we should try to avoid.

We also recently published a new eBook – Getting Started with Cypher: A Beginner’s Guide to the Graph Query Language, which is a great place to start if you want to quickly learn how to derive insights from your graph data.

NLP Analysis of YouTube videos, Multiple Linear Regression, Deep dive on OPTIONAL MATCH

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