This Week in Neo4j: Full Stack Graph, Fraud Detection, Kafka, and Intro to Graph

Welcome to Neo4j Under The Hood! – a series of short videos, presented by our top engineering leaders. Chris Gioran, our Chief Architect, kicks off this series explaining the power of graph databases and their transformative use cases. He introduces the fundamental concepts and showcases the nuts and bolts of graph technology. We hope you enjoy these videos and encourage you to sign up to get an alert for upcoming episodes

Yolande Poirier

Jamie is technology enthusiast who likes to provide solutions whenever possible. He created and maintains the Crystal implementation of a Neo4j driver using the Bolt protocol. Follow him on Twitter @jamie_gaskins
UNDER THE HOOD: Pop Open the Top of Graph Technology
Tara Jana wrote a detailed summary of the first videos of the Under The Hood series and presents the key concepts and trends of graph databases. More to come in the series about data models, design patterns, and graph database management systems as the backbone of your entire data processing pipeline.
NEO4J PLATFORM: Full Stack Graph in the Cloud
William Lyon shares how Neo4j fits into the modern cloud ecosystem from the perspective of a full stack developer. He dives into handling operational workloads with Neo4j – for instance, by building an API layer that sits between the client and the database.
GRAPH DATA SCIENCE:  Exploring Fraud Detection
Fraud detection is a prime example of a graph use case. You can rapidly analyze and predict fraud entities and patterns even though they are trying to hide. Zach Blumenfeld gives you a 360 degree view of the fraud detection workflow in his four-part series.

Michael Hunger introduces you to graph databases, approaches for identifying graph-shaped problems, and a first graph database experience where we load and query data using Neo4j Aura Free.

DATABASE: You Want Some Join Context?
Andrew Conacher demonstrates how a native graph database implicitly brings context to the relationships in your data, whereas using other platforms brings considerable toil in modeling, data preparation, and querying.
A KNOWLEDGE BASE SERVICE: Using Neo4j, Kafka, and the Outbox Pattern
Gonçalo Martins describes a situation at work where the team needed to create a scalable, generic, and abstract way of querying, regardless of the entity type. He describes the problem and solution to help others in a similar bind.
Jennifer found inspiration for engineering in music theory. Enjoy this interesting interview with her.

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