This Week in Neo4j: GenAI, Workshop Recordings, Graph Data Science Book and more

Welcome to This Week in Neo4j, your weekly fix for news from the world of graph databases! If you want to keep up with the latest additions to the GenAI Ecosystem, from course material to libraries and sample projects, we have a page worth bookmarking. We also celebrate the launch of a new book on Graph Data Science and a love letter to Graph Databases. Our segment for Graph Beginners is back this week, with a link to the Introduction to Neo4j Workshop that happened just recently. Join our Neo4j Research panel! Sign up to share your experiences with a researcher and influence the future of Neo4j products. What’s in it for you? A chance to connect directly with product development teams, get paid compensation, hear about what we are working on, and more! I hope you enjoy this issue, Alexander Erdl  
  • READ: Why Graph Technology is the Future
  • WATCH: Introduction to Neo4j
  • TRY: Neo4j AuraDB Free
  • Saurav Joshi is a passionate data scientist with expertise in data mining, statistics, NLP, causal inference, reinforcement learning, optimisation, LLMs, and synthesising AI solutions with cloud platforms to drive impactful solutions. Connect with him on LinkedIn. In a livestream “Enhanced QA Integrating Unstructured Knowledge Graph Using Neo4j and LangChain” we talked through a project that uses the robust capabilities of Neo4j Vector Index and Neo4j Graph Database to implement a retrieval-augmented generation system, aiming to provide precise and contextually rich answers to user queries.
    Saurav Joshi
    GENAI: GenAI Ecosystem
    The Neo4j GenAI Ecosystem is a collection of tools and integrations that make it easy to use LLMs with Neo4j. It is your one-stop resource for Graph RAG, GenAI Knowledge Graphs and more.
    WORKSHOP: Videos now available on-demand
    Last week, we completed our set of workshops and this time, we covered Introduction to Neo4j, Liquibase with Neo4j, GenAI Deployment Best Practices and Geospatial Data Analytics. All recordings are now available for you to watch.
    BOOK: Graph Data Science with Python and Neo4j
    Timothy Eastridge’s new book is a comprehensive guide that teaches you to enhance data analysis and insights by integrating Python, Neo4j and advanced technologies, including LLMs.
    GRAPH DATABASE: My passion for the world of graph databases
    Michal Štefaňák develops the PHP Bolt Driver as well as cypherGUI. He thrives on making graph databases more approachable with his tools and his active involvement in the community. In this blog, he shares his passion for Graph Databases.
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