This Week in Neo4j: Testcontainers, Java-Driver API, Go App, Kubernetes, SchemaSmith, Visualization App, and More

Here’s a tip for faster development: use Testcontainers modules, preconfigured implementations of various dependencies to make writing your tests easier. Neo4j is proud to partner with AtomicJar and join the Testcontainers Official Modules program. More info here.

If you use the Neo4j drivers for Python, Java, .NET, et al., the team would love your feedback. There’s a new simplified API to learn about and help us steer in the right direction. Join the conversation here.

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Yolande Poirier



Thomas has been a key figure in preventing fraud, theft, and scams on the XRP Ledger for nearly half a decade. The XRPL analytics and data sources developed by Thomas remain the standard for exchanges, law enforcement, and other stakeholders seeking regulatory compliance. He joined the XRP Ledger Foundation in 2022 and now works as the Head of Analytics and Compliance. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

In his NODES 2022 presentation, he describes the journey of working with representing the XRP Ledger in Neo4j. Watch his talk!

APP: Creating a Simple Go Application for CRUD Operations With Neo4j and Docker
In this tutorial by Idil Saglam for Makepad, you’ll set up a Neo4j database using Docker and create a new Go project. Then, define the necessary functions to perform CRUD operations and try them out.
CLOUD: How to Neo4j Deploy on Kubernetes
Akash Jaiswal demonstrates the installation & deployment of Neo4j Community Edition on Kubernetes cluster with Helm charts. Prerequisite installations are K8s cluster, Helm v3, kubectl, and Gcloud.
NEO4J LIVE: SchemaSmith for Data Governance

SchemaSmith allows you to manage data in a centralized and scalable manner and to ensure that data is properly structured and accessible. Donovan Bergin shows you how SchemaSmith can be used to identify and fix issues in data models and track changes to the data over time.

APP: How to Build a Simple Data Visualization Web App With Neo4j

In this tutorial for JavaScript developers, Corey Lanum integrates Cambridge Intelligence graph visualization SDKs with Neo4j. The browser transmits interactions to the neo4j-driver on the server, which translates them into Cypher queries to send to Neo4j AuraDB.

NEO4J JAVA DRIVER: Finding Trees in the Forest

Michael Simons demonstrates how to traverse a path with Java and turn the result into a Neo4j graph with the new executableQuery API in Neo4j-Java-Driver v5.7. He returns the result formatted as JSON with the Java Collectors API.


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