This Week in Neo4j – Graph Embeddings, Confluent with AuraDB, Intro Video, Liquibase, Data Stack Show

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In this week’s episode, we thank Alberto De Lazzari for his contributions to Neo4j. One of our Data Scientist colleagues, Clair Sullivan, posted an easy-to-follow tutorial about getting started with Graph Embeddings. Neo4j field engineer Alex Wolford posted an article about using Confluent with Neo4j AuraDB. We discovered a website, Code. Simply. Calmly. Clearly. that features video courses, one of which introduces you to Neo4j, Cypher, and importing data.

The folks at Liquibase just enhanced their products to work with Neo4j to help you manage a Neo4j database from development to production. Our Cloud Architect, David Allen, was interviewed by the folks at the Data Stack Show, where he describes everything you need to know to make the decision to use Neo4j for your application.

And finally, we pulled from our library of NODES 2020 videos a presentation about modeling processes in the automotive industry.

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This week’s featured community member is Alberto De Lazzari.

Alberto De Lazzari - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Alberto De Lazzari – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Alberto is a Certified Neo4j Developer and has helped many users in our community by answering their posted questions. Alberto will be presenting this year at NODES 2021 with a session in the Best Practices track entitled Graph AI to Combat Fraud in Fintech and Insurtech.

Alberto is a passionate technologist who always keeps up with the latest patterns, methodologies, and frameworks. In the past 10 years, he has worked in very different industries, from automotive and fleet management to insurance and banking.

Since 2007, Alberto has been working on legacy and cutting-edge systems, as well as a wide range of internalization and integration IT projects. Graphs have been Alberto’s passion since he was at university, where he wrote a thesis on clustering algorithms and neural networks. He is a contributor to official Neo4j projects, including APOC and ETL.

We thank Alberto for his contributions to our Neo4j community!

Tutorial: Getting Started with Graph Embeddings in Neo4j

Clair Sullivan just published a tutorial to get you started with graph embeddings using the Neo4j Graph Data Science Library. The starting point for all machine learning is to turn your data into vectors/embeddings. Clair shows you how to use graph embeddings to turn your graph data into vectors that can be tuned for your machine learning process. You can do all of this with a Neo4j Sandbox so you don’t need to install anything on your system. In the tutorial, she goes into the algorithms used for the different types of embeddings you can create.

Confluent Cloud, Meet Neo4j AuraDB

Our colleague, Alex Woolford, published an article that explains how data that passes through Confluent Cloud can also be passed into a Neo4j Cloud instance, AuraDB. More and more enterprises are choosing to use managed services, such as Confluent Cloud and Neo4j AuraDB, which unburden them from needing to manage and maintain the hosting services. He shows a simple example of how to stream Confluent events into Neo4j, where he uses a set of technologies which include Kafka, Python, Docker, REST API, and, of course, Cypher.

Code. Simply. Calmly. Clearly.

Vincent D. Warmerdam has an impressive website for learning called Code. Simply. Calmly. Clearly. This site is a collection of 74 video courses on a variety of technical topics. One of the courses teaches you how to get started with Neo4j Desktop and import CSV data into Neo4j. It’s a great course to go through if you want a simple introduction to Cypher.

Liquibase Now Supports Neo4j for Database DevOps

Liquibase has expanded support for DevOps to include integration with Neo4j databases. Their product enables engineers to accelerate their development workflow and streamline deployment of database applications. Liquibase is used to implement test automation for a variety of application databases.

The Data Stack Show Podcast: Graph Databases & Data Governance

David Allen – along with Kostas Pardalis and Eric Dodds, hosts of the Data Stack Show – had an hour-long discussion about Neo4j. In this podcast, David educated us on what Neo4j is, why a graph database is important, some tidbits about how Neo4j works under the covers, how Neo4j can scale, and how Neo4j can be used to work with event streams.

NODES 2020 Video of the Week: Scalable, Reactive Product Development Framework for the Automotive Industry

Last year at NODES, Elena Kohlwey and Uwe Kloss, from RLE International Group, presented an overview of how they analyzed the needs of the automotive industry. They describe how they used a combination of process graphs and knowledge graphs to develop the data model for the application.

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