This Week in Neo4j: Twitch, Generative AI, Star Wars, AWS, ArcGIS, and More

Welcome to this week’s newsletter! You’ll find a couple of items using ChatGPT as a developer assistant – but from different starting points. In “Generating Cypher Queries With ChatGPT 4 on Any Graph Schema”, Tomaz Bratanic creates an experimental model in Python that generates Cypher from existing schemas. In a separate video tutorial, “ChatGPT Generated Star Wars Data,” Jonathan Thein uses ChatGPT to create a database of movie characters, then lets a human query the database.

If you are interested in using graph databases as part of AWS architectures, read “When to Use a Graph Database Like Neo4j on AWS”, covering patterns for streaming, batch, Graph Data Science-enhanced feature engineering, and knowledge graphs for domain-specific LLMs.

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NODES 2023 Call for Papers is open until June 30. Don’t wait. You can be selected as a featured speaker on our website if you submit your talk by May 31.  

Roei Levi is a distinguished software developer at Accenture’s Cyber R&D Labs. He is currently working on the design and implementation of graph analytics using Cypher and GraphQL in the domain of Cybersecurity. Roei’s previous experience includes application security research, cybersecurity threat analysis, trusted computing, and cloud security. He is a Neo4j Ninja, and you can follow him on LinkedIn.

In his NODES 2022 presentation, he introduces Cymple, a new open-source Python package. It creates neat, reusable Cypher queries with auto-completion in Python. Watch his talk!

NETWORKING: Twitch Graph Network Analysis Using Neo4j
Harine explores a Twitch Gamers dataset, importing CSV data with Neo4j’s admin-import terminal command. Clusters are then formed on this dataset using GDS’s Louvain community detection function.
GENERATIVE AI: Generating Cypher Queries With ChatGPT 4 on Any Graph Schema
Tomaz Bratanic continues to refine his techniques for translating natural language to Cypher. This blog post will show you how to implement a Cypher statement-generating model by providing only the graph schema information.
VIDEO: ChatGPT Generated Star Wars Data — Let’s Explore With Neo4j

In this video tutorial, Jonathan Thein explores the data-generating capabilities of ChatGPT. Subjects include how to prompt ChatGPT, design a data model, and query the database.

AWS: When to Use a Graph Database Like Neo4j on AWS

Ben Lackey and Antony Prasad Thevaraj describe various use cases for graph databases on Amazon Web Services. The authors explain how graph DBs work as part of an AWS architecture.

INTEGRATION: What’s New in ArcGIS Knowledge

Adam Martin describes the integration of ArcGIS Knowledge in ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1. Users now just register their graph databases as NoSQL data stores in the ArcGIS Enterprise portal without needing to copy data and create new data pipelines.

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