This Week in Neo4j: GraphQL Course, Chatbot, App Development, PHP, Bloom Features, Embeddings, and More

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Try Sefik Ilkin Serengil’s video on generating vector embeddings. You’ll import a database into a sandbox, create the graph with GDS, train a GraphSage model with custom properties and perform some queries with Cypher.

Looking for a knowledge upgrade? In the GraphAcademy course “Introduction to Neo4j & GraphQL” you can learn how to create GraphQL APIs using Neo4j GraphQL Toolbox and Library

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Daniela Elia is a data science leader with many years of industry experience working primarily in large financial institutions in the UK and Australia. Her passion for data and how we can use it to understand society has led her to pursue a Ph.D. in Behavioural Data Science at the University of Technology Sydney. When not crunching numbers, she enjoys competing in long-distance running events. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Join her at NODES 2023 as she will be discussing how to discover the emergence of new occupations with OpenAI and Neo4j.

GRAPH ACADEMY: Introduction to Neo4j & GraphQL 
In this course you will learn the fundamentals of GraphQL and how to use the Neo4j GraphQL Toolbox and the Neo4j GraphQL Library to create GraphQL APIs backed by a Neo4j graph database.
CHATBOT: Build a Chatbot for Clinical Trials Across Multiple Data Sources
Sixing Huang describes improvements to the Clinical Trials as Graphs and Vectors project, where data from and SNOMED is restructured into a Neo4j knowledge graph and a Qdrant vector database. The updated version features a chatbot powered by LangChain, integrates the two data sources, and adds web search.
LIVE STREAM: Lessons Learned From Real-World Graph App Development

Dave Aitel describes his personal experiences developing with Neo4j and shares some valuable lessons to help you navigate the complex landscape of graph app development while achieving optimal results.

APPLICATION: Enterprise-Level PHP and Neo4j

Ghlen Nagels guides you through recent improvements to the fully-tested PHP driver and client. You can now configure the drivers and clients to efficiently work in any cloud or complex setup.

EMBEDDINGS: How to Generate Vector Embeddings For Interconnected Graph Data in Neo4j

In this demo, Sefik Ilkin Serengil leverages the GraphSage algorithm, which builds an auto-encoder to generate vector embeddings for nodes. Then, he writes Cypher queries to make various discoveries.

VISUALIZATION: Custom Caption Controls Available in Neo4j Bloom

Jeff Gagnon introduces a few of the new caption control functions added to Bloom starting in version 2.8. He uses a data set of the tasting notes for wines from wineries around the world.

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