This Week in Neo4j: GraphQL, Vercel, Next.js, Bloom, Embeddings, Neo4j Desktop, Spring Data, Workshops, and More

In this week’s newsletter, check out “Full Stack GraphQL With Next.js, Neo4j AuraDB And Vercel,” which serves as an additional chapter of sorts to William Lyon’s book Full Stack GraphQL Applications on using GraphQL, React.js, and Neo4j.

Also, try a quick tutorial on a new feature in Bloom to interactively display specific subgroups of nodes and/or relationships that contain a selected range of property values. See the changes over time in “Slice and Dice Your Graph Data With Neo4j Bloom.”

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Nur Aini Rakhmawati is an associate professor in the Information Systems Department as well as Deputy Head of the Halal Centre at the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya (ITS) in Indonesia. She completed her Ph.D. at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, NUI in Galway, Ireland. Her current research interests include knowledge graphs, big data, and computer ethics. You can connect with her on Twitter.

In her NODES 2022 presentation, “Knowledge Graphs and Machine Learning for Halal Food Product Recommendations,” she compares the products from an online grocery website with the Halal LOD dataset using the Naive Bayes, K Nearest Neighbors, and Random Forest methods Watch her talk!

FULL STACK: GraphQL With Next.js, Neo4j AuraDB, And Vercel
In this article, William Lyon explores how to build a full stack GraphQL application that takes advantage of the API Routes feature of Next.js API to combine your GraphQL server and front-end React applications into a single framework.
VISUALIZATION: Slice and Dice Your Graph Data With Neo4j Bloom
Angeliki Komianou, Software Engineer at Neo4j, introduces the Slicer, a new Bloom feature to interactively explore your graph by the values of your nodes and relationships. It displays property values in ascending order, so you can easily slice the visual Bloom scene based on those values.
NODES 2022: From Node to Knowledge Graph Embeddings

In this NODES 2022 presentation, Tomaz Bratanic describes the node embedding techniques to use when importing graphs into machine learning models.

LINUX: How to install the Neo4j Desktop App and Connect It to a Remote Server

Jack Wallen sets up the Neo4j Desktop app on Pop!_OS Linux. He walks us through the required steps of Neo4j AppImage download, installation, and configuration.

SPRING: Spring Data and Spring Data Neo4j Join the “No OFFSET” Movement!

Michael Simons describes the upcoming Spring Data Commons and Spring Data Neo4j implementation of keyset-based pagination. Take a look at the API that will be available after the next Spring Data releases for the MongoDB and Neo4j implementations!

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  • What is a Graph Database? Getting Started with Neo4j AuraDB: A Step-by-Step Tutorial. Watch it here!
  • Neo4j Graph Data Platform & Know Your Customer. Michael Down, Financial Services Specialist at Neo4j, explains how he solves problems of highly connected data for the organizations he works with. Check it out!