This Week in Neo4j: GraphRAG, Testcontainers, Metadata Management, App Dev and more

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If you would like to know more about the recent ISO GQL publication, I’d like to draw your attention to our Discussion Panel happening on Monday, 13 May. We also look at a practical guide for GraphRAG, how to work with Testcontainers and Neo4j as well as a Metadata Management tool. I also added the overview video from a graph meetup from last month.

NODES 2024 Call for Papers is now open! Please submit your graph stories. We love to hear from you.

For Graph Database Beginners, I picked the Introduction to Neo4j Graph Data Science GraphAcademy course this week.

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Will, formerly a Neo4j team member, is helping developers and data scientists solve their spatial data problems.
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In a recent workshop “Large-Scale Geospatial Analytics With Graphs And The PyData Ecosystem“, he showed how graphs can enhance geospatial analytics, offering a comprehensive look at integrating sophisticated tools and methodologies to handle various data types and operations at scale.

Will Lyon
GRAPHRAG: Enhancing the Accuracy of RAG Applications With Knowledge Graphs
GraphRAG uses the structured nature of graph databases, which organize data as nodes and relationships, to enhance the depth and contextuality of retrieved information. Tomaz Bratanic wrote a practical guide to constructing and retrieving information from knowledge graphs in RAG applications with Neo4j and LangChain.
TESTCONTAINERS: Neo4j Testcontainers – Everything You Need to Know
Automated tests have become crucial in software engineering in the last few years, even more than in the past. Sergio De Lorenzis discusses Integration Tests in this article and shows how Test Containers for Java can use successful test suites and enable the stability of your software.
Anansi simplifies metadata management with its intuitive interface and powerful Graph DB, offering real-time insights into your system’s metadata.
VIDEO: Graph Genesis: Building Tomorrow’s Insights Today
This is the Graph Databases event overview video hosted by Neo4j and Thoughtworks. You can find the recordings of the sessions from the day on the YouTube Channel.


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