This Week in Neo4j – Graphs in Financial Services, IoT with Neo4j, Efficient Neo4j Data Import

This week we learn about graphs in the financial services industry, efficient Neo4j data import using Cypher scripts, IOT data modeling, and there’s also a new release of Halin, the Neo4j Monitoring tool.

Our featured community member this week is Michael Porter, Founder at Muddy Boots Code.

Michael Porter - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Michael Porter – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Michael is a full-stack Neo4j Certified developer, and founder of Muddy Boots Code working with companies in the oil and mineral industry to help them make the most of their data. Originally from West Texas and a former US Marine, he’s recently been working remotely from the Dominican Republic and going all in on

He recently published Making Complex Data Simple With The GRANDstack that shows some of the complexities of oil and mineral rights lease data and how Neo4j and the GRANDstack can be used to build applications to analyze this complex and connected data.

Follow him on Twitter at @muddybootscode to see pictures of him coding from the beach 😉

Graphs in Banking Integration with AI and Machine Learning Technologies

In his latest webinar, Joe Depeau teaches us about graphs in the financial services industry.

Joe reviews the types of data that are typically available within a bank, illustrates the graphs can be formed from that data, and discusses the use cases that those graphs can enable and support.

Efficient Neo4j Data Import Using Cypher-Scripts

Andrea Santurbano has written a blog post that explains improvements made in the Cypher shell tool to enable efficient data import and export, when using parameterised Cypher scripts.

IoT Data Modeling in Neo4j Graph DB

Using a worked example, Muntasir Joarder shows how to draw the IoT (Internet of Things) data model as a graph. He then explores some of the questions such a model would allow us to answer via Cypher queries, including:

    • Which other things are connected to one thing?
    • Who will be affected if a device is disconnected?
    • Which are our battery powered things, and when is the battery end of life?

Amy Hodler on Graph Based AI, Testing software at Mapillary, Inferring GraphQL Schema from existing database

Halin Release: New Tasks Screen, Log Files Viewer, Advisor Improvements

David Allen released a new version of Halin, the Neo4j monitoring and management tool. Highlights from this release include:

    • A new tasks screen that lets you see query metadata, transaction metadata, and connection details.
    • Improvements to the Halin advisor. The advisor continues to give you actionable advice on the most common problems.
    • Log file viewer – Halin pulls in log files from all servers in a cluster without having to SSH into those machines.

If you don’t already have Halin installed, you can install it from the Graph Apps Gallery.

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