This Week in Neo4j – Graphs to fight diabetes, Overhaul to visualization tools page, Eventing Graph Data With Neo4j & RabbitMQ, Arrows Tips and Tricks

This week we learn how graphs are being used to fight diabetes and we have an overhaul to the graph visualization tools page. Michael shares his favourite tips and tricks for using the Arrows graph modelling tool, Vinodh Subramanian shows how to consume and produce events for RabbitMQ, and more!

Our featured community member this week is Amy Hodler, Graph Analytics and AI Program Manager, and author of the recently released O’Reilly Graph Algorithms Book.

Amy Hodler - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Amy Hodler – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Amy has been part of the Neo4j community for the last two years, in which time she’s led the way in educating the community about graph analytics and graph enhanced AI.

Amy presented Weave Together Graph and Relational Data in Apache Spark at Spark Summit 2018, and this week presented Predicting Influence and Communities Using Graph Algorithms and Improve ML Predictions using Connected Feature Extraction at the 2019 version.

She has also given presentations on Graph Analytics at GraphConnect NYC 2017 and GraphTour SF 2018, as well as presenting on Graph Enhanced AI at GraphConnect NYC 2018 and as part of the Expero Webinar Series

Amy was also interviewed on the Graphistania podcast in February.

On behalf of the Neo4j community, thanks for all your work Amy!

Graphs to fight diabetes

In this week’s Neo4j Online Meetup, Dr Alexander Jarusch presented graphs to fight diabetes.

Alexander explained how his team have combined multiple data sources to build a knowledge graph able to answer questions about diabetes and other diseases.

Overhaul to visualization tools page is complete!

If graph visualisation is your thing, you’re going to love the overhaul that Jennifer Reif has done to the Graph Visualization Tools developer page.

Jennifer breaks down the available tools into three categories:

    • embeddable tools with Neo4j connections
    • embeddable tools without direct Neo4j connection, and
    • standalone product tools.

And then takes us on a guided tour of each category, exploring the available tools, and explaining where each is appropriate.

Eventing Graph Data With Neo4j & RabbitMQ

Vinodh Subramanian shows how to build a Neo4j application that both consumes and produces events for RabbitMQ, the open source message broker.

He does this using a combination of custom procedures, and triggers from the Neo4j APOC library.

Recipe to Recipe Similarity, Lyft Amundsen on SE Daily

12 Tips & Tricks on How To Use the Arrows Tool

Michael Hunger has published a new video with more and tips and tricks for using Arrows, the in-browser graph modeling tool.

Michael shows off the no code approach to creating nodes, relationships, and properties to build a graph of Neo4j Labs and its projects. He also demonstrates how to export the graph to Cypher or SVG format, as well as the different styling options.

Tweet of the Week

My favourite tweet this week was by Kirk Borne:

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