This Week in Neo4j – It’s NODES Time, Learning Japanese Characters, Building a Chat Bot, Streams, Tables, and Graphs

This week we preview some of my favourite talks from other categories at the NODES 2019 conference and we have the second part of the chatbot series

Jimmy Crequer explains how to use Neo4j to learn Japanese characters, David Allen and Will Lyon spoke at Kafka Summit, and the ETL tool is now cloud ready.



Mark Needham and the Developer Relations team

This week’s featured Neo4j community is data scientist Dr. Estelle Scifo from Marseille France.

Estelle Scifo - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Estelle Scifo – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Estelle has a broad range of experience, starting in nuclear and particle physics and working at CERN, before applying her data science skills in geo-spatial property and transportation projects.

Estelle published a video Course on Neo4j Graph Algorithms with Packt Publishing, which you should definitely check out. She’s also written a number of articles on graph analytics.

Most recently Estelle participated in the Global Graph Hack, creating neomap, an application for visualising nodes with geographical attributes on a map.

On behalf of the Neo4j Community, thanks for all your work Estelle!

NODES 2019 Preview: Everything Else

There’s now less than a week until our first Neo4j Online Developer Summit, and this week we’re going to preview my favourite talks from all other categories.

Databases on Kubernetes Using a Custom Operator: Day 1, Day 2, and Beyond

If you’d like to learn about the technology behind the upcoming Neo4j managed cloud, Johannes Unterstein will reveal all in his talk about building Kubernetes custom operators.

Building a Graph of History with The Codex

Iian Neill is the creator of The Codex, a digital humanities project that deeply integrates text and data. In his NODES talk he’ll share his experience using Neo4j to build this project.

Graph Visualization: Main aspects, challenges and solutions

Irfan Nuri Karaca has been working on Neo4j Bloom, the graph visualization tool, for the last couple of years. In his NODES talk will share his experiences of working on graph visualization. He’ll cover the challenges encountered, lessons learned, and solutions applied along the way.

Learn Japanese characters using Neo4j

During a company hackathon Jimmy Crequer used the GRANDstack to build a small quiz app, to learn the Japanese characters in a new and faster way.

As well as the GRANDstack, Jimmy used the Graph Algorithms library to compute similarities between characters with the Jaccard Similarity and then found tougher characters using PageRank.

Building a Chat Bot in Neo4j: Part 2

Max De Marzi continues his series of blog posts showing how to build a chat bot using Neo4j.

In part 2, we build a graph model for our application and we create a procedure that can reply to the questions by the user.

Aleph Data Processing Toolkit, String to Date with APOC, ETL ready for Cloud

    • Last week Michael Hunger announced that the Neo4j ETL tool now has support for remote databases.
    • I learnt about Aleph, a popular suite of data analysis tools for investigators. Users can import data from files and databases, or export to Neo4j and use Aleph as a data processing toolkit.
    • I wrote a knowledge base article showing how to create a Date from a string using APOC, the Neo4j standard library.

Streams and Tables and Graphs, oh my!

At the Kafka Summit in San Francisco this week, David Allen and Will Lyon showed how to combine streams, tables, and graphs, in their talk Extending Duality into Trinity with Graphs.

This is a great introduction to how graphs and streams play together, and there’s even a GitHub repository containing all the code samples used in the talk.

Tweet of the Week

My favourite tweet this week was by Mark Heckler: